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" You down with PFC"... 'yeah you know me'....

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Started by Togi Lemanu 10 Nov 2013 10:37pm () Replies (5)

Parents, Families and Communities is a new addition to the Pasifika Education plan (PEP) 2013 - 2017. The focus is on more informed and demanding parents, families and communities supporting and championing their children's learning and achievements.

In my work, I have been in schools working with Principals, Senior managers and teachers looking at ways of engaging with their Pasifika communities.  Each school had their own agenda of working with their Pasifika communities, but needed that Pasifika lens to oversee if what they were doing was the right way of doing it.

The Ministry of Education have planned many initiatives to get Pasifika parents, families and communities involved with the school but my question is: 'Are they working'..

We have seen the Home school partnership initiative where has that gone, are those schools that were involved in that initiative gain a positive outcome from that?.

What about the PSCPL initiative?  Would love to hear from people where this initiative has gone to.

One Ministry of Education initiative this year was the Power Up together with other Education Partner agencies.  This initiative was created to 'Power up our kids for NCEA success'.  This was an 8 week challenge for students, parents, families and communities.  By the end of the 8 week challenge this initiative would have built the capability, knowledge and voice of Pasifika parents, families and communities so they confidently engage and participate in the education system:  and increased the understanding of how parents can support their child/ren to achieve NCEA Level 2.  But wait .... it did not stop there.... Pasifika parents, families and communities brought their younger siblings to Power up stations so there were also small groups that catered for Primary students and Intermediate students.  I think this was unexpected but it seemed to work well.  

Pasifika parents enjoyed the sessions offered by the MoE team such as understanding NCEA, they felt safe to use their own Pasifika languages to communicate and they felt confident to question which was awesome to see.  The parents are looking forward to where to next but will keep you posted in my next blog.  

I am looking forward to researching Pasifika PFC further as this will help me with my Masters starting 2014.  

It would be really nice to share your thoughts on Pasifika parents, families and communities.


  • Karl Vasau (View all users posts) 11 Nov 2013 12:53am ()

    Hey Togi...

    this is the million dollar question...how to actively engage and involve pasifika parents in their childrens education...

    Homeschool partnership brought to the forefront strategies that schools could use to better engage with their parents. Include them in decision making and prepare them with the necessary skills and tools to assist their chidlren with learning at home. This initiative was like a breath of fresh air in schools i worked in because for some of them it was the first time the school entered into some real, authentic engagement planned for in a collaborative way (Parent representatives and staff). Schools were expected to then decide on ways in which they would sustain the programme and i am very happy to say that my school has been sustaining this for the past 6 years with no extra funding...priority?

    Power up Porirua was massive!!! i was a part of this from the get go and i was able to see how students and their families developed over the 8 weeks. my role was teacher in charge of 5year olds to 12 year olds and each week we had between 20-35 children. I was also the stand in MC when the regular one was unable to attend and it gave me so much gratification to see how well people cooperated. Extending on this some teachers offered extra tuition at venues that meant that they had to travel but to them it was about the kids...Great thing about Porirua was our venue was hosted at Whitireia Polytecnic which meant that it was outside of a High School setting and very FLASH lol.

    Making parents feel comforatble and believe that what they have to contribute is valued and respected is crutial... Its not rocket science but it was shocking to hear how many schools ERO found were not catering for the needs of Pasifika students and families...alofas

  • Togi Lemanu (View all users posts) 11 Nov 2013 11:07am ()

    Faafetai tele lava Karl mo lau fa'asoa.  Thank you for sharing.  You have raised some really good points here.  I do agree with you in terms of the Power up stations and I this has been a success (I believe) in the Auckland stations.  There are some interesting findings from the ERO reports around Pasifika students and families and in my head Im thinking 'are you for real', but I guess its the ways some schools roll.  I am so much looking forward to your contributions in our space. 

  • Maggie Flavell (View all users posts) 11 Nov 2013 6:32pm ()


    I visited one evening and was also impressed by the collaborative atmosphere.  It was good to see the practical measures taken to ensure parents could participate- for example transport, childcare and food had all been thought about to make it easier for families to come along.  


  • Togi Lemanu (View all users posts) 11 Nov 2013 6:40pm ()

    Thank you Maggie, hope all is well with you.  Yes I found it so useful for our Pasifika parents, families and communities.  I think this would have been perfect in the beginning of the school year. 

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