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Involving whanau and community!

Started by Vanitha Govini 07 Nov 2013 2:14pm () Replies (4)

Kia ora everyone,

A school in South Auckland is in the process of planning for home school partnership with a specific focus on Mathematics. Feedback from parents' survey indicated that the parents wanted to know how they can support their children in Mathematics learning. They preferred some practical ideas or tools that could help them.

We are planning to work collaboratively with the parents by providing them with different contexts like shopping /cooking / trips and encouraging them to brainstorm Maths concepts. It will be great to acknowledge what the parents bring to the conversations and then add our ideas.

Have you got any other ideas / tools that have been trialled in your schools?


  • Sarah Parker (View all users posts) 07 Nov 2013 6:19pm ()

    I contacted one of my families from school as the student [yr 5] in my class was new and also struggling with maths.  I taught the family a game of make 10 memory, taking the kings/queens/jacks and 10s out of the pack of cards.  When you turn up an 8 and a 2 to make 10, you get those cards.  We all played, the preschooler, another sibling in year 3, mum, my student and I.  I have told the student in my class that there are heaps more versions of the same game [make it to 20 using multiple cards - 5,6,9] when they have mastered this one.  Easy, cheap and includes the whole whanau.

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