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Thoughts on ICT Integration Across the Curriculum

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Started by Jethro Dyer 04 Nov 2013 12:57pm () Replies (1)

What a wealth of information in this Korero. I have really enjoyed  reading posts based around this topic. Technology is with us to stay and as aspiring leaders we need to find a way forward that works best for our schools and communities as we lead into the 21st century.

I believe that having a clear vision that has involved consultation with community, staff, students and ICT providers is all a vital starting point. Moving forward requires the majority mentioned to be on board.

As part of the above process their needs to be an extensive review of the existing infrastructure and deciding what will be necessary for the integration of technologies across the curriculum.

Of course, closely tied to this planning is budget considerations, as we all know ICT = big dollars! We are talking, hardware, software, maintenance, platform providers, cabling, server, professional development etc. etc….

Assuming that you have buy in from your staff there then needs to be a plan of professional development that complements your schools ICT plan to support those staff and empower them to succeed.

When at this point in your integration, it is important to have a system of review in place so that decisions made are being reflected on and adapted. This is very important, especially in the fast world of technological change. As new technologies are rolled out, schools need to discuss whether they fit with their schools vision and if so how they will integrate it.   

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e-Learning: Leadership

e-Learning: Leadership

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