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Children with Special Needs

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Started by Cathiesten 31 Oct 2013 2:54pm () Replies (9)

Would love to share and have shared some apps for special needs children, ranging from non verbal to global delays in literacy and numeracy.


  • Chrissie Butler (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2013 6:26pm ()

    Great. Maybe you could kick us off by sharing one app that you have found the most effective. Give us some context about how you are using it if you can. That would be cool.Cool

  • Cathiesten (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2013 6:46pm ()

    For our non verbal child, we use Touch and Learn Emotions, so he can recognise emotions and relay how he is feeling.  We have used apps that play calming music with restful visuals as a calming aid when he gets frustrated.  Also, making digital stories using scribble press, or Little Bird Tales makes for good socials stories.  For example, a child who constantly leaves the room is photographed in the classroom behaving appropriately and keeping safe, and it is a good reminder when his about to go out of the door! Will canvas our other teachers and get to you with some more.  Cheers

  • Nic (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2013 6:38pm ()

    Apps like Show Me and Educreations are good for recording story ideas and mathematical thinking! Suitable for all children.Laughing

  • Cathiesten (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2013 6:40pm ()

    Thanks, use both these but not specifically with our autistic children, but will certainly have a go.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2013 6:53pm ()

    These apps may be a useful place to start.


    I just added Bla bla bla which may be useful for non verbal children but every child is different.

    Remember also that lots of apps will appeal to all learners. I recently shared Letter School with an autustic boy who absolutely loved it and had to prised away from it so lots of other apps mentioned on the site may be useful too.

  • Cathiesten (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2013 8:05pm ()

    Laughing Thank you, so good to be pointed in the right direction so quickly and expertly!

  • Gillian Ellison (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2013 11:47pm ()

    If you have a pinterest account, then search for Lauren Enders. She has compiled some excellent boards relating to special needs with emphasis on iPads but also using other technologies. That's the first place I go for ideas on a specialist area. If not on pinterest then it's free to create an account.

  • Cathiesten (View all users posts) 01 Nov 2013 5:03am ()

    SmileThank you, will certainly check this out.

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