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Cloud based learners leaving our domain...

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Started by Claire Buist 25 Oct 2013 7:50pm () Replies (8)

I have also posted this in the e-learning leadership forum...

I wonder if anyone can offer suggestions, ideas or epiphenies with regards to Google Apps and students leaving. Our Year 6 children are moving onto schools that are not in the cloud and we will be closing their accounts and removing them from our domain. This is our first set of learners leaving since we have been in the cloud. 

How might schools 'hand over' children's google accounts? We are contemplating making copies and then making their caregivers owners of their docs or putting them onto a USB. 

I'd appreciate any insights...


  • Rob Clarke (View all users posts) 13 Nov 2013 9:59am ()

    I agree with the process of giving students the ownership/responsibility for doing the transition themselves. If they are given good scaffolds to do it it should be easy enough. In my experience:

    • parents had full access to the child's email  and password for their GAFE account.
    • we've asked students to get themselves a personal gmail account, then all documents, contacts, sites, photos and blogs can be shared across. 

    The only downside to this approach is that with many documents it can take a while and you can't take ownership for documents from outside of a domain, you have to make a copy of the individual accounts. One solution for this is for the school GAFE administrator to keep the student account completely open, but disable email, plus, and any other service at a certain point in future... that way the content just resides in the GAFE domain and can still be accessed by the student from their personal account.

    With Blogger (love Blogger) it is easier to transfer ownership of a blog to another administrator, the key is to ensure that once the child has a personal gmail as an author, that they are then changed into an owner BEFORE the GAFE administrator takes the blog off their dashboard in Blogger.

    I guess one thing to bear in mind re: cybercitizenship (for blogs), is that once the GAFE administrator has deleted the blog off their dashboard the only way to gain access again is to be invited by the new owner (ie. the child). If the child in question would use the blog for unethical purposes (whatever that may be!) AND it has the school name on it, then this is a potential risk. I think the way to manage this is through the cybercitizenship processes in the school and to back it up with the signed agreement with parents/student ie.

    'When our child leaves X School, we agree that we will take ownership of our Blog, site, etc. and that future usage will be appropriate and follow the terms of this cybercitizenship agreement.'

    -I can't think of how to word this right now, must be running out of steam!

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