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Cloud based learners leaving our domain...

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Started by Claire Buist 25 Oct 2013 7:50pm () Replies (8)

I have also posted this in the e-learning leadership forum...

I wonder if anyone can offer suggestions, ideas or epiphenies with regards to Google Apps and students leaving. Our Year 6 children are moving onto schools that are not in the cloud and we will be closing their accounts and removing them from our domain. This is our first set of learners leaving since we have been in the cloud. 

How might schools 'hand over' children's google accounts? We are contemplating making copies and then making their caregivers owners of their docs or putting them onto a USB. 

I'd appreciate any insights...


  • Grant Peacock (View all users posts) 26 Oct 2013 10:03am ()


    We havent faced this yet but have thought about it. At this point (untired) we thought that a letter home to families explaining the situation and suggesting parent supervise their child's creation of their own Google account. All school account material could then be moved to one folder on their drive and that top level folder shared with the new private user. That should allow the children to then copy the one folder to their new private drive. The school would set a date by which this process had to be finished and at that point all school accounts would be disabled. You might not delete these for 6 months to a year. 


    I look at at it as being a final step in their primary school learning about digital citizenship. It replicates the process we use for their physical work and as we know, some families abandon their child's work in the desk at year's end in the context also. 


    Just my my thoughts and not yet tried or tested. Would be interested to know what you do decide on. 

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