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Cloud based learners leaving our domain...

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Started by Claire Buist 25 Oct 2013 7:50pm () Replies (8)

I have also posted this in the e-learning leadership forum...

I wonder if anyone can offer suggestions, ideas or epiphenies with regards to Google Apps and students leaving. Our Year 6 children are moving onto schools that are not in the cloud and we will be closing their accounts and removing them from our domain. This is our first set of learners leaving since we have been in the cloud. 

How might schools 'hand over' children's google accounts? We are contemplating making copies and then making their caregivers owners of their docs or putting them onto a USB. 

I'd appreciate any insights...


  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 27 Oct 2013 8:56pm ()

    I am very interested in this, too. I had a little play sharing docs between two of my accounts, and either acct. can delete docs that will disappear from both GDrives. How do we get around this? Copy / Add to My Drive? What happens to docs when an account gets closed, are the docs deleted and therefore disappear from the account shared with or are they still somewhere in the cloud and remain in the second account?This might be a dumb question, but I am hopeful someone can set me right ;)

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