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Leavers and Google Accounts

Started by Claire Buist 25 Oct 2013 1:49pm () Replies (12)

I wonder if anyone can offer suggestions, ideas or epiphenies with regards to Google Apps and students leaving. Our Year 6 children are moving onto schools that are not in the cloud and we will be closing their accounts and removing them from our domain. This is our first set of learners leaving since we have been in the cloud. 

How might schools 'hand over' children's google accounts? We are contemplating making copies and then making their caregivers owners of their docs or putting them onto a USB. 

I'd appreciate any insights...


  • Claire Buist (View all users posts) 25 Oct 2013 5:32pm ()

    Thanks Jacinda! Yes - that is exactly what we were thinking. The children really don't want to lose a single doc or blog... The trick is going to be ensuring that everyone makes a copy of the docs before they are deleted at our end. 

    I am on the search for any educator who may be one step ahead and already worked through this process. 

  • Claire Buist (View all users posts) 25 Oct 2013 6:53pm ()

    Thanks Pete! I am so precious about the 13+ thing that our teachers are still the administrators of the individual blogs and the children are authors even though we have Hapara Dashboard! In hindsight this was a great decision - kids have been focussed on content and bling has not featured as it did on edublogs... 

    I do see some irony that we bump into each other here, neighbour! Perhaps I could come over and talk f2f with you in a week or two! Laughing

  • Claire Buist (View all users posts) 25 Oct 2013 6:55pm ()

    Yes, you are fortunate that your children are predominantly 13, Anne-Marie. Will you still notify families of this transition? I knew this time was coming but had hoped there was a pilgrim who had gone through this phase... :) 

  • Claire Buist (View all users posts) 25 Oct 2013 8:03pm ()

    Cool Let me know if you wold be up for some unpacking and brainstorming of this issue...

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