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Self-monitoring with the ipad

Started by Susan McMillan 24 Oct 2013 5:24pm () Replies (6)

An interesting thing happened this afternoon while I was working with a young man.  He's having difficulties learning to read and write (7yrs).  Recently I discovered Sarah Garland.  She writes deceptively simple stories - very liitle text, usually, and with wonderful illustrations.   They are hugely  appealing.  After a few reads, children are able to read a real book and even tho' it's set in England they can totally relate to it. They are charming and cheapish from Book Depository. Anyway  video-ed?? him on the ipad reading the story, warts and all, as evidence of where we are currently and then we watched it together. Love a good movie. Before my eyes, he morphed into his own tutor, noticing and correcting errors.  It was really quite strange.  Maybe it's about the release of pressure? I'm still trying to understand what was going on. But anyway he now has the book on his ipad which he can share with his classmates and I can use the hard copy with other children I work with. Win win.


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 24 Oct 2013 9:38pm ()

    The Book Creator example I used here 


    was made as an example of how very young children could give feedback for others on their reading aloud.

    We first practised in groups of four with one iPad per group. We practised how to make a recording by using the video camera by holding it steady by resting it on a desk. We also practised making selfie videos for when there may not be a group.

    Then we put the video in to Book Creator and other members of the group recorded their feedback.

    The process worked really well.

  • Andrea Hall (View all users posts) 24 Oct 2013 9:23pm ()

    I just googled apps that could be used and found Recordium.  $4.19 NZ

    I would imagine that a child would record themselves reading... Then annotations and pictures can be added to the recording.  Sounds cool.  Anyone used?


  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 24 Oct 2013 8:20pm ()

    A great example Susan of how the technology can be a real instrument for learning, especially when you put them in touch with it. It personalises it and all of a sudden your teaching points become obvious. I believe that in most instructional oral reading situations the kids are too busy decoding to either hear themselves or think about your teaching points. On the numerous educator tours that Stuart Hale and myself have led to California we have observed the positive impact of the iREAD programme in Escondido


    which takes a similar and very simple approach. There is some real power when they listen to themselves, chevk against a relevant rubric and the if necessary, re-record. What a wonderful record of learning.

    We wil be sharing with them again in 2014 - looking forward to it.

    thanks once again for sharing.

  • Fiona Matthews (View all users posts) 24 Oct 2013 7:06pm ()

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing. Video is such a powerful tool for reflection. 

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 24 Oct 2013 6:07pm ()

    I love this story. Children want to read and they want to be successful and they want it to be a fun experience. That he also felt safe with you as the knowledgable other and had something concrete to work on (the video) is the bonus.  Thank you for sharing!

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