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Managing Apps

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Started by VickiPimenta 23 Oct 2013 6:00pm () Replies (5)


I have been using TTS's Mobile Device Management this year to manage my 32 iPad's but it is costly.  Next year we are doubling to 64 iPad's so I am looking at free options.  Could people please advise me which they prefer - Meraki or Configurator??

Also, if you are in charge of managing, how much time do you spend doing so per iPad per term??


Vicki, Konini School, Auckland


  • Brendon White (View all users posts) 23 Oct 2013 6:07pm ()

    We've started using Meraki.  Its free and seems to work well.  We've got 80 iPads.  Meraki will allow updating wirelessly where as AC needs you to plug each one in.

  • MeganCroll1 (View all users posts) 26 Nov 2013 11:42am ()

    Meraki sounds the way to go for managing the iPads.  I like the sound of wirelessly updating rather than plugging in.

    I have been given 20 iPads to set up for teachers to use over the holidays, then in class next year.   At this stage, I don't know which teachers will be getting them, but want to set up all with the basic apps.  Apple have suggested that I use one Apple ID and run the 20 iPads through VPP.  Teachers can then sign in with their own Apple ID at a later stage to get free or paid apps.   

    If I set up all the iPads with VPP, will I still need to go through Meraki?

    Thanks for any help,


  • Brendon White (View all users posts) 26 Nov 2013 11:56am ()

    I have been using Meraki for a few months.  I need to set up individual itunes accounts for it to run more smoothly.  Meraki finds it hard to send out a new app to each device if each device has the same itunes account.  So if you're going to use Meraki, which I would recommend, I suggest using individual itunes accounts.  Unfortunately there is no way to create bulk accounts like you can with google.

  • MeganCroll1 (View all users posts) 27 Nov 2013 11:02pm ()

    Thanks Brendon.   I am now on a mission to create a gmail account for each
    iPad.  Glad I only have 20 to do as it takes some time.  Also have set up
    Meraki and loading iOS apps on there to push to the iPads.   All looks good
    so far.    There are a few apps missing from the app list on Meraki, but
    management of iPads should make life easier in the end.

    Megan Croll

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