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Started by sue allomes 22 Oct 2013 7:52pm () Replies (3)

Hello. I am Sue Allomes, Principal of Terrace End School. We are a smaller city school in Palmerston North decile 3 with a rich multicultural diversity. We have had a focus on using ict's to motivate and increase achievemment for several years now. It is interesting how we always feel as if we are only just beginning, just scratching the surface of how web 2 tools etc can support learning.I have an interest in learning more about using goggle and especially establishing which i-pad apps / tools best support daily five reading for strategy needs. 


  • Jill Hammonds (View all users posts) 23 Oct 2013 7:34pm ()

    Hi Sue,

    Great to see you in here and I hope that over the next few weeks people will stop in and add their ideas for use of iPads in reading.  There are so many great apps that allow for students to speak, read aloud, enact scenes, tell tales etc that would be great for supporting the reading programme.  There are also several iPad groups in the VLN so just do a search for them and you'll find a wealth of knowledge in here.  One of the groups has several hundred members and plenty of activity.

    In addition to the iPad apps, there is also much reading online that can be done within your browser.  Sites such as How Stuff Works and Enchanted Learning can be great and provide opportunities to read following hyperlinks for further information.

    For more ideas you could also check out the reading section of my Blended e-Learning Literacy group.  For your older students the LEARNZ fieldtrips provide great online reading.  You can sign up for free but if you want to take a peek at past fieldtrips which are still available you can use learnzforlit as both username and password until the end of October.  Better check it out soon.

    What web 2 tools and apps do other people use as their favourites for reading, and what other reading sites appeal to students?

    Cheers, Jill

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 05 Nov 2013 10:31am ()

    Hi there Sue, I see your school has added a valuable resource to the current Enabling e-Learning event | Sharing e-learning celebrations in the Google PresentationOTJs for writing (a resource linking their deep and surface features of writing (learning intentions) with specific eTools and strategies).

    This is a wonderful example of sharing, thank you. Are there any links we can view as well in this resource (slide 3) as well?

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