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Gifted writers collaboration

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Started by Suzie Vesper 09 Oct 2013 12:42pm () Replies (9)

Hi there,

I have one particularly gifted Year 8 writer in my Yr 7/8 class and I am looking to create a writers' group of similar students to have discussions around their writing via Skype or FaceTime or even a Google Hangout. I'm thinking that it might be more user-friendly to have the discussions between two students rather than a wider group but they could change who they talk to if the group gets the numbers. I am specifically looking to set this up once a fortnight between 12:00 - 12:30pm on a Tuesday. With other committments in this last term, I don't think I can do it more regularly that that. Anyone interested? I am cross-posting this on to Collaborate' Connect, Participate and Learn VLN group

UPDATE:  I've set up a Google Form for any interested parties to fill in so that we can work out how to best connect the students.  The spreadsheet with the responses can be viewed online too. I've also nutted out quite a few more times Maddi is free :-)

UPDATE 2: I wondered if we should share some examples of writing to help us figure out some good 'matches'. I've added a field to the form to put links to online docs. If you've filled it in already, jump back in to the response spreadsheet and add some.


  • Karen Mills (View all users posts) 09 Oct 2013 12:49pm ()

    I have someone who would enjoy this Suzie. A girl who is level 6B/P.

  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 09 Oct 2013 1:04pm ()

    Awesome.  Maddi is the girl from my room. They are also involved in a book project where they have nominated a book and then created activities and questions to go with it and are then swapping with the others in the same group to do their activities. I mention this as this means she will only have a dedicated hour a week for writing this term due to other end of year stuff so that is why I was thinking of doing this once a fortnight. That way, she will have one week to write solidly for an hour in Google Docs and then in the next week, she could read your student's work and make notes before having the meeting at 12:00pm.  It kind of has to be on Tuesday at that time for us as that is the day when the rest of her group is at an extention programme for maths and science at the local secondary school and she is free then. Will that work for you?

  • Anna Garthwaite (View all users posts) 09 Oct 2013 1:49pm ()

    This sounds awesome. I run an extension writing group on Thursday afternoons weekly. I have a range of writing abilities but there are some very good writers who could be interested in writers' discussions.  Or some collaborative writing using google docs?

  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 09 Oct 2013 5:38pm ()

    I've also been playing with a tool called 'InkleWriter' which you can use to make branching stories. I wonder it that could help make an interesting project! Though I'd quite like to give her license to write anything she wants so she can explore her own interests. Used InkleWriter as part of this project if you are interested:


  • justin hickey (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2013 9:02pm ()

    Hi Suzie, greaat idea. I have 2 students who are in an gifted writing program. I would be happy for these students to participate. Let me know when you are ready and I will arrange the students to link up.



  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2013 10:34pm ()

    Hi Justin,

    That sounds great. I've now set up a Google Form for people to complete so that I can match people up. If you can fill it in, we'll start working it out.

  • Sandy Lediard (View all users posts) 25 Oct 2013 2:44pm ()

    Hi Suzie.  I'm a bit behind te 8 ball but I do have a gifted writer who I think would really benfit from being a part of this. 



  • Anne Sturgess (View all users posts) 25 Oct 2013 2:52pm ()

    Hi Suzie, great idea. How about posting in TKI as well even if it's just providing a link to this group? http://gifted.tki.org.nz/For-schools-and-teachers 

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