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What do we want to know more about?

Started by Tessa Gray 26 Sep 2013 11:26am () Replies (4)

Amongst the many survey responses, you have specifically said you want to know more about the following, which ties in nicely with the dimensions of the eLPF:


  • Timing of going to community with vision. How to get community on board - digital classes / BOTD  image

Professional learning

  • Adult learning pedagogy, connectivism as learning theory, building connections for students around the design process.
  • Getting all staff on board with a class blog / weebly, etc E-portfolios as evidence for staff learning and their journey. 
  • Social Networking
  • Leading teachers BYOD Google docs 
  • How other schools are building skills...
  • Managing large amounts of devices (BOTD) and providing staff with sound advice to help them do this

Teaching and learning

  • Digital Citizenship 
  • What other people are doing in their classrooms
  • Using e technologies to support inquiry in the class room, portfolios, digital citizenship, dashboard, dual platforms
  • How to integrate e learning into our everyday programme to enhance the learning and teaching programmes.
  • Successful implementation of iPadsimage
  • Finding opportunities for students to interact with professionals in a range of areas - authentic learning and connections to the wider professional community. 
  • Implementation of e-portfolios - within Ultranet. Sustainability!! BYOD
  • Classroom tools to enhance children's abilities in all areas. 
  • Flipped classrooms
  • e-Learning Portfolios Assessment using e-Learning
  • What elearning looks like for years 9-13
  • Collaborating with Students from around the World 
  • Personalised Learning 
  • Implementing iPads in the classroom
  • Sharing platform collaboration tools 
  • Networks, classroom ideas for e-learning 


  • Where to next with replacing current hardware? 
  • Updating devices more efficiently
  • Managing technologies and tools image
  • How other schools are keeping up wit the different technologies out there...
  • What devices are school purchasing... Monitoring use... Apps...what are others out there using... 
  • Managing large amounts of devices (BOTD) and providing staff with sound advice to help them do this


  • Hapara teacher Dash Board
  • Evernote in the class
  • Google docs (loads of responses to this)
  • Using 'The Cloud' to the benefit of the school/students
  • Using google docs with students/staff - creating accounts for students/teachers. ease of use Sustainable classroom blogs - putting kids in charge.
  • Minecraft, Scratch and gaming programmes
  • Coding
  • Minecraft 

What do we want to know about

This is what you said your schools are doing and how you can offer some support:

Blended learning in our schools



Blended e-learning things I would be willing to share with others, or collaborate on with others

Michelle Macintyre

Hillcrest Normal

Junior e-learning opportunities.

Mike Winkley

Napier Intermediate School

The use of weebly.com that I experimented at the end of last year

Kassey Downard

Mokoia Intermediate

My Inquiry (student engagement in Minecraft)
Google Forms and Google Docs
BT Blog

Rachel Harvey

Mokoia Intermediate

Scratch activities

Mike Thornley

Maeroa Intermediate

curriculum ideas
integrating movie making and photography into literacy programmes

Jonathan Arnold

Napier Intermediate

BYOD ideas

Nikki Irwin


I don't know much at all, but am willing to share

Vanessa Owen

William Colenso College

google docs
managing an elective byod classroom

Brendon White


1:1 implementation and funding.

Sharron Gray

Cambridge High School


Sarah Gaze

Cambridge high School

bringing e-learning into the classroom
resource development

Sue harris

Whakatane Intermediate

Developing good programmes throughout our school, getting the staff on board and enthusiastic so we can go ahead with e learning in the school.

Annemarie Hyde

Mokoia Intermediate

Evernote and curating
Lots of stuff

Miel Maclean

Hillcrest Normal School, Hamilton

1. using e-tools to capture learning 
2. how to include wider community in children's learning.

Rebecca Trafford

Pukehamoamoa school

Class walkthroughs, different apps we are using well eg:inspiration, puppet pals, book creator, edmodo, blogging, pages, toontastic etc

Vicki Magure

St Joseph's Whakatane

one to one or very small groups for skill building and trialling...

Angelique Bidois

Matata Public

Managing the process of facilitating e-Learning using the e-Learning Planning Framework

Sam Hamilton

Matata Public School

anythings and everything - as i said, always willing to have a go!

Fiona Matthews

Matua School

* Mathsbuddy
* Comic Life, TypeDrawing, Skitch
* Prezi, Show Me, Explain Everything
* Type Drawing
* Reading Tools integrated into class programme
* Use of Pintrest or Twitter to help with ideas

Wendy Stafford


Anything and Everything.
I am on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Only2Clicks, Symbaloo, Google, VLN, Skype, YouTube, www.atcoam.com
Classroom 5th Walls as learning, teaching and community tools.

Jo Jenkins

Malfroy School

Kristyn Cresswell

Omokoroa Point Schhol

Using iPads in classrooms.

Heather Harper

Maeroa Intermediate

Underpinning e-learning into the learning environment, not adding it.

Tracy Lloyd


Our journey so far.
How to set up readiness for community meeting.

Ra Ellingham

Napier Intermediate

Supporting inquiry learning through use of the design process. (As a NEW fabric and food technology teacher this is an area of exploration.)
Development of a Rheumatic Fever app in conjunction with Taiwhenua O Heretaunga - trials and troubles of bridging the gap and discovering the barriers of cost.

Tash Jacobs


Literacy and inquiry learning

Kate Christensen

William Colenso College

anything they might find useful and that I can

Marion Croad


Literacy and e learning

Fiona Craven

William Colenso College

Not a lot yet

Julie Tumarae

Murupara Area School

use of google docs for collaborative use with students and teachers

Kathryn Munro

Taumarunui Primary


Challenge - how we now match up our needs to our expertise? Do we do this online, f2f, webinars or other? You might like to add your ideas here: Do we want another f2f? Is so, why? How?



In the meantime, overriding results show an interest in Google Apps for education (including Google Docs), e-Portfolios, BYOD, iPad implementation, using web 2.0 tools and Digital citizenship.

Try these links in the VLN:

Anything else to add?


  • Tracy (View all users posts) 14 Oct 2013 11:53am ()

    I would be keen to know more about dual platform.  We are curently PC but staff have iPads and some are keen to switch from a PC to Apple for the next round of teacher laptops - is this possible? what are the shortcomings?

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 05 Nov 2013 10:45am ()

    Hi Tracy, I'll put out an APB (Wire/Twitter) for your request about dual platforms, I know Warren Hall (Blended e-learning facilitator Technologies) has some real experience in this area, so you might like to direct message him and ask for more support here. As part of the BEL project team, I know Warren would be only too happy to help. Laughing

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 05 Nov 2013 10:50am ()

    Kia ora tatou, I see amongst your requests, you also wanted to know more about:

    • What other people are doing in their classrooms
    • How to integrate e learning into our everyday programme to enhance the learning and teaching programmes.
    • Successful implementation of iPads
    • Classroom tools to enhance children's abilities in all areas. 
    • Flipped classrooms

    Why not check out examples (of the above) in the current Enabling e-Learning event | Sharing e-learning celebrations -  Google Presentation.

    If you have any e-learning gems of your own to share, we'd LOVE to hear from you too Smile

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