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Rolling Notes - Auckland Leadership Symposium

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Started by Monique 25 Sep 2013 12:51pm () Replies (4)

Hi all, 

Welcome to the Auckland Leadership Symposium.  Just a reminder there is a Google Doc where we can all write notes and share information. Remember you don't need a google login to access this doc.  It would be great to hear your thinking around the presentations today.

Enjoy the day


  • PeterWhite (View all users posts) 25 Sep 2013 8:25pm ()

    A fantastic day at the Bel leadership conference at Botany College. The very clear message for me was about student centered learning. Brian clearly showed that planning interventions without including the students is a waste of time and energy, Emma Winder has my classroom planned for me for the foreseeable future, and Ben reminded us all that we get out of bed every morning for the children. The quickfire sessions were great too, Sharing successes, some nitty gritty help from New Era IT, Thanks, the creative commons concept is so timely and relevant and N4L, is going to be a heaven sent resource too... Please Hurry!. Thanks Chris Swanwick Monique and the team. Lots to be going on with!

  • Chris Jager (View all users posts) 27 Sep 2013 6:56am ()

    Great to get such positive feedback Peter and to hear the particular things about the day that you found useful. Notes/ presentations from many of the people you mention have been posted in this group space so hopefully others can find out more about what they covered. So moving forward, what would it now be useful to hear from others on?

  • Angie Simmons (View all users posts) 26 Sep 2013 11:53am ()

    Well done Chris and Monique for organising such a great event. I know it is a huge task organising something like that and you both did a wonderful job. There was something for all and I think Peter has summed it all up very well. The food and venue was awesome too! Have a look at the pics on the gallery - lots of very engaged participants. 

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