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Using Minecraft Puzzle Maps in the classroom

Puzzle maps has become the latest craze in my classroom.
They are maps created for single player mode. Players have to manipulate their way through obstacles and challenges to complete each map. In order to complete these challenges players have to follow instructions, rules and use logic and items collected to win!

I wanted to find a way these maps could be utilized in my classroom and across the curriculum.
I decided a great way to engage my boys in writing was to have them write a review on a map that they played or create a hint guide for solving the puzzles/challenges.

Initially students were overwhelmed by the choice of maps and spent too much time attempting to complete them. Once students got past this they were able to begin taking notes on each map to form their writing plan. Students are still in the planning process and some are further along than others. Our topic has come to an end and I wanted a fun way to wind down the term while still meeting our reading and writing criteria.

To extend on this some students have already started planning out their own maps and the puzzles they want to include once they have finished their writing task

Some of the maps students have attempted:




I am really interested in if other people are using puzzle maps or more ways we can use these.


  • justin hickey (View all users posts) 24 Sep 2013 3:31pm ()

    Hi Kassesy. This is fantastic work you and your students have done. We are just starting out with minecraft in our class and the response and engagement from the students has been massive. I have had the students creating story maps for their reading activities using minecraft. They then take screen shots and explain their story maps on book creator. I have also had some students making fractions questions and building them on minecraft.

    I have one student who has made a wonderful maths quest using Knowledge questions from stage 4 - 8. How can he share it the way that your class has done it. He tried to upload it to youtube but it didn't work. Would you or your students be able to give us some advice. If you like you could comment on our blog or maybe we could organise weekly minecraft sessions using skype or twitter where students can share their knowledge with each other. Let me know what you think. Our blog spot is


    Hope to catch up,


  • Kassey Downard (View all users posts) 25 Sep 2013 8:00am ()

    That sounds awesome, in order for your boy to share he maths quest he needs to have it saved on the computer. Once it is saved he needs to search for %appdata% and then click the folder .minecraft (if that folder doesn't appear you need to turn off hidden folders), in that folder will be lots of folders, you need to click saves and his map will be saved into their. You can copy the whole folder and upload it to sites like megashare and send out the link for other people to have a go with. I hope those instructions made sense. 

    We can definately add you to our quadblogging rotation, I will have some students go in and have a look. I would definately be keen be keen for a google hangout or skype session where they students can share what they are doing. 

    Our blog is - http://mokoiaint-p3.blogspot.co.nz/

    My blog with a lot of our minecraft work is - http://missdownard.blogspot.com/


    Look forward to hearing from you,


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