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What are schools trialing?

Started by Gerard Macmanus 22 Sep 2013 8:42pm () Replies (1)

Earlier this year, core education ran a MLE expo in Christchurch. This was a great day to see some of the furniture and hear from practiciners about what is happening within schools and curriculum areas. One thing that I came away with was that at a secondary level we have to be trying out some of what is happening in our classrooms already. There is no sense in waiting for a school redesign to then get on board. 

Two things that I have changed in my classroom. I have changed a extra desk in my room and placed a whiteboard on it. Yes I know there are whiteboard desks available, however we had a number of whiteboards that we have just changed in classrooms due to over supply as we demolish building that do not meet quake standards. 

whiteboard desk

 The whiteboard desk allows me as a teacher to make notes around students answers, It is also a space to do more 1:1 learning with students, I have found students are more willing to come up and work through a problem on the whiteboard desk than on the board at the front of the room.






The other is a Hokki stool,

Hokki Stool The annoying teachers chair, one that after a few years seems to drop to the most annoying heights. I brought a Hokki Stool and love it. It is simple to carry around, move from one spot to another. Fits in between students to work more one on one. It is now getting to the point where the students are wanting to sit on it as it moves, The leaning back on chairs is most annoying in class as the metal fatigues and breaks. The stool could be an alternative for a computer lab. 

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