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Assessment tools to support Māori medium learners in mainstream

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Started by Jason Ruakere 22 Sep 2013 2:13pm () Replies (6)

Tēna koutou katoa!

During the week an inquiry came to me from a teacher who is wishing to provide better support for students who have transitioned into mainstream from Kura Kaupapa. She would like to assess their reading and writing and wants to do this in te reo Māori. Does anyone know of any assessment tools that may assist her? She is also interested in how she can assess them against National Standards. The students are in Year 7 and 8. Can anyone help? 

Ngā mihi,



  • Phoebe Davis (View all users posts) 22 Sep 2013 5:49pm ()

    Kia ora

    Great to have a kaiako searching for answers to tautoko ākonga transitioning into mainstream from KKM.

    Tha Kaiako can check out Nga Whanaketanga on the Ministry website and TMoA online. I would not disadvantage students transistioned from KKM be assessed in relation to National Standards, they have come from total immersion setting and to give them a english maistream assessment, would be unfair to the students. She needs to check out Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori.

    Ngā mihi

  • Jason Ruakere (View all users posts) 24 Sep 2013 9:47am ()

    Kia ora Phebs,

    I totally agree with your whakaaro. Furthermore mainstream based assessments will not reflect how well tamariki are achieveing in Māori medium. National Standards is a whole new issue again. I will forward the information about Nga Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori to this kaiako. Thanks for your feedback.

    Ngā mihi

  • Beth Dixon (View all users posts) 23 Sep 2013 11:51am ()

    Kia ora

    Over and above what Phebs has suggested, I think it would be good just to sit one-to-one and give them a book to read to you/with you.  You discussed "formative testing?" (formative assessment?) and this could show you behaviours they may have in reading.  I agree that giving them a National Standards assessment will not give you a good indication of what they are able to do.  Take it slowly, help them transition to their new environment first, meet and talk with their whānau to find out what they are interested in, their whakapapa etc and base a small activity/assessment around that.  

    Do you have access to colleagues from the KKM - it's always good to get the narrative that goes with the ākonga folio etc to get a full picture.  Perhaps collaboration with KKM kaiako will encourage some co-construction of activities/snapshots that you could use to assess.

    Hai whakaarotanga ...

    Ngā mihi

  • Jason Ruakere (View all users posts) 24 Sep 2013 9:55am ()

    Kia ora Beth,


    Great feedback e hoa and you provide common sense solutions for kaiako and tamariki. I will forward these ideas to this kaiako. 

    Nga mihi 

  • Phoebe Davis (View all users posts) 25 Sep 2013 10:52am ()

    Kia ora Babara

    Here is a site that may support you with Maori students

    Te Mangōroa is a resource for English-medium schools. It is a portal to stories, statistics and reviews that reflect effective practices to support Māori learners to achieve education success as Māori. Te Mangōroa is full of practical illustrations of what Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013–2017means for teaching and learning.

    Ngā mihi 


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