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Minecraft server online and available 24hrs a day

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Started by Stephen Lethbridge 18 Sep 2013 12:43pm () Replies (1)

We have used YAMS Yet Another Minecraft Server to create our persistent world. It is housed on a virtual server and I remote in using a remote desktop connection to then configure the available servers. I remote in becasue YAMS administration is really only stable on Internet Explorer so being an apple fan I need to remote in!

YAMS a great tool for managing the server. We have opened up ports in the router to allow offsite access, am working through addons that will log chat records too. I logged into the Taupaki School Server from home last night and we will go live day one of term 4. I want to have some world infrastructure built by then including a rudimentary library. Very keen for the kids to do the building.

Very excited kids at school and parents are saying that they would want their kids playing on our server instead of open slather on the net! Interesting.

A big thanks to Andy Pearce from TTS who has really managed this process for us!


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