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What does it take to be a leader of e-learning?

Started by Tessa Gray 17 Sep 2013 11:32am () Replies (2)

Together, we’re building a community of practice – both online and off to help support ourselves in our roles as e-leaders. But what exactly is an e-learning leader?

e-leadership is no different from any other form of effective leadership  except that in e-leadership you have no option but to be very good at it. It requires a high level of transformational leadership because of the high participative nature of the e-world... and the interconnectedness between leader and follower with the ever-increasing reality of the blurred lines between the two.  


In this video, Dr Julia Atkin talks about addressing transformational leadership, in relation to e-learning. She talks about starting with your vision for learning, and how e-learning is going to enable this vision to come to fruition. She also asks that e-leaders consider what is the staff’s learning in all of this. What learning and support will they need so that the vision for our learners comes alive.

Taken from http://elearning.tki.org.nz/Leadership/Leading-e-learning/Leading-e-learning

In this recent online article, Leadership Implications of the Brave New Blended World, Tom Vander Ark echoes similar sentiments to Julia Atkin, where he says ‘edleaders’ need to balance execution and innovation.

Execution – in terms of process management – where e-leaders become instructional coaches to help routinely upskill others.

Innovation - in terms of design thinkers – where the focus is on vision/values for students. It is the desired outcomes for students that requires some more complex thinking and planning.

He also talks about community building (model/share/promote/facilitate e-learning with the wider community) and personal attributes such as strong planning skills, sound judgement, effective communication, and empathy.


In your role as an e-leader, what do you do to support/model/advocate/facilitate e-learning?


What attributes do you think you need most, to make this role successful?

We'd love to hear your stories and views by adding your comments below Smile

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