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Audio files in Social Sciences and Languages

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Started by Jill Hammonds 17 Sep 2013 10:34am () Replies (7)

This discussion was started by John as a message to me, but it seemed more likely to get response here, so I have transferred it across.  I look forward to people sharing their use of audio tools, particularly in a secondary context.

Hi Jill.

I'm interested in hearing from colleagues who are using audio files in Social Sciences and Languages as an additional tool to enhannce E learning. I would be glad to find out more about the work you are doing and would love to get my hands on any professional readings on this subject.

Kind regards.
John Bower


  • Mary-Anne Murphy (View all users posts) 17 Sep 2013 4:59pm ()

    Hi John

    Just a few ideas for you...

    vocaroo.com - online voice recording tool that is simple ot use. Transfers immediately into MP3, QR code, and can also be embedded on any LMS, blog, etc

    Tellagami ipad app is great for using when asking for different perspectives. This is an example where I showed an image from the NZ Herald. I asked the students to use Comic Life to place speech and thought bubbles from each of the people. The art was getting them to look at it from different perspectives....

    Newspaper image


    Perceptual Positions

    I then asked them to use Tellagami to choose one of the positions to make a comment about the situation.

    Click on the link below to download the Tellagami to view. If you haven't got access to an ipad, then voki.com is also great to used as a web-based tool.

    Tellagami for perspectives

    This type of process can be used in a variety of different contexts. :)

    Screenr is a web based screen recorder that allows you to create tutorials. These can be embedded. (not chrome compatible).

    Take a look through the info in this webinar run by Jill and myself for other helpful ideas :)

    Happy to field more questions if you need more info on anything :)

    Kind regards


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