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WEBINAR: Schools, Google apps and the cloud | an Enabling e-Learning event

When we look beyond Google apps for education (CAFE), we regognise the influences of global, technological and social drivers such as: connectivism, collaboration, knowledge construction, personalized/self-directed learning and ubiquity.

We can shape our pedagogy around these key ideas, so that teaching and learning includes the effective and smart use of cloud-based applications (such as Google Apps) to support these understandings.

When we drill down deeper, we might ask - what does this all mean? What does it look like and what are the implications - as we continue to introduce a variety of devices (laptops, tablets, netbooks, notebooks) in our teaching and learning.

Google Apps for Education boasts more than sixteen million students and teachers use Google Apps. Join us next Wednesday, 18th September to find out why NZ schools are using the Google suite of apps too. 

Webinar guest presenters, Tania Coutts and Fiona Grant will clarify exactly what Google apps are, how can they be used in education (teachers and learners) and the difference it can make to the way we work/think/learn. 

In the meantime, here's an inspiring story from Te Kura o Tiori Burnham School: Using Google Apps on Enabling e-Learning.


Whats happening in your schools? Care to share?


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