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IPad Deployment in School

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Started by Junior Tararo 09 Sep 2013 2:35pm () Replies (16)

Our school received 26 iPads. These iPads will initially be for two classes of pupils (Primary School) and their teacher.

The teachers have already been given their IPads.

Today they asked me to 'setup' the IPads. I was planning on using Apple Configurator and Meraki to manage the devices but it soundEd like the Senior Managemonly only wanted to get the iPads setup; wifi set, privacy settings, location settings etc... One one.

It took me more than four hours!

We don't have any Mac to install AC. I could have used Meraki but was not able to convince them they needed one or both of these.

They way they see it, when they want a new app installed, I install them one at a time.

I feel as though I need someone else there to help convince them that we need to do things properly now before it gets too complicated and messy later on.

i have done my research on AC and Meraki and understand their respective pros and cons. is there anyone in the West Auckland area who maybe able to help?


  • VickiPimenta (View all users posts) 09 Sep 2013 5:34pm ()


    We are in Glen Eden and got 32 ipads this year that we manage via the TTS programme MDM. It does cost money as opposed to the free versions, but would be happy to talk to you about it if you are interested.

    Vicki, Konini School

  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 10:10am ()

    Hi Vicki, can I pop out to Konini early next term to see how you are going with TTS's MDM solution? We have Daniel Andrade too and are planning on setting up around 30 iPads.  I want to compare this solution with Meraki before we go any further.  I will email you soon - Lavinia

  • Junior Tararo (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 11:06am ()

    Hi Lavinia, I thought you were in the UK somewhere lol, anyways good hear from you.

  • Amy McCauley (View all users posts) 09 Sep 2013 7:20pm ()


    I am out at Hobsonville Point Primary School and we use Meraki to manage our 22 ipads - I have given apple configurator a go (for a few months) and had quite a few issues.  

    Happy for you to come over and see how we set-up and use Meraki with our lot.  I couldn't imagine having to do it manually - how time consuming!  I can certainly help with building your case for a good management system.

    Feel free to contact me for further info.


  • Junior Tararo (View all users posts) 09 Sep 2013 9:07pm ()

    Thankyou for your response.

    Yes I have also read of others having issues with Apple Configurator. They only used Apple Configurator to 'Supervise', sequentially name the iPads and if they wanted to pull-back the apps to re-distribute them to another ipad.

    I have found using Meraki on my personal iPads and iPhones quite easy especially with deploying apps and web clips. I have even added my computers to it.


    im just not sure whether i actually need to use Apple Configurator, unless you need to do the above.

    Im not sure about ITunes accounts as well.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but you need two accounts?

    One that has the billing information for purchasing apps and another with no credit info and is only used to redeem the apps.

    Im at Henderson South School and it would be great to actually see first hand the way your school has deployed your iPads.

    I will talk to our Principal tomorrow on a date to visit your school and will contact you soon afterwards.

  • Amy McCauley (View all users posts) 09 Sep 2013 9:15pm ()

    Sounds good - we can discuss all this when you visit.  You can always come after school if that suits better.

  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 10:08am ()

    Hi Junior

    Good to see you are busy at Henderson South (was wondering where you had moved to). I would be really interested to hear how you go with Meraki. We are with TTS who are pushing the MDM solution but it does cost and as always we are looking to reduce costs! We are about to introduce 30 iPads and I definitely would not want to be in the position of setting them all up manually. 

  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 10:14am ()

    Hi Amy - just reading your posts about Meraki. I would be really interested to see how you got on with setting up your iPads using this solution. We are about to introduce 30 iPads and I'm looking for an alternative solution to TTS's MDM.  Would you mind another visitor early next term?! Lavinia, Rosebank School (Avondale)

  • andy gorton (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 10:43am ()


    Those in Christchurch who want to see Meraki working (without Apple Configurator - couldn't be bothered with the hassle of that) then feel free to email me direct. If there are enough of you I'll try and organise a group session.

    We looked at quite a few other solutions but costs were prohibitive really for something that we only wanted to manage ipads (not MacsOSX Win Android etc etc). Meraki fine but has limitations (as well as advantages) . Mind you, that is the case for all solutions for an operating system not designed for educational/commercial level domain.


    Andy (ICT Director, Hagley Community College)


  • VickiPimenta (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 10:53am ()

    No problem Lavinia, would be great to share ideas :) Just message me when you want to come




  • Amy McCauley (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 10:08pm ()

    No problem - email me at amy@hvps.school.nz to organise further.

    Thanks :)

  • Brendon White (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 10:46am ()

    I'm from Pukehamoamoa School, Hastings, and would like to chat at some stage about Meraki.  Does Meraki allow administrators to change and update ipads wirelessly?  or like AC do they need to be plugged in and individually altered?



  • Junior Tararo (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 11:04am ()

    Meraki allows you to push web links and apps wirelessly, no need to connect them up but it will ask for an iTunes account on the iPads themselves before actually installing. My understanding is that it's an Apple requirement.

  • andy gorton (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2013 11:29am ()

    The way they are set up here you simply need to (wirelessly) push the app at a particular device and the user accept at the other end. The itunes acct (unless someone has changed it) is already stored on the ipad. Not sure if Configurator changes things about though.

  • andy gorton (View all users posts) 12 Sep 2013 1:53pm ()

    Christchurch folks

    Offering to do a session on Meraki and suggested date of Mon 23rd (but open to negotiations). We could pretty much do it any week as long as we had some notice. If you are interested in attending then fill details out on http://sdrv.ms/1g2hb9h . (If not familiar with skydrive you need to click 'edit in browser' to enter your details. The document auto-saves)


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