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Started by Renee 04 Sep 2013 9:56am () Replies (8)

I love Kidblog - it is easy to use and manage.

However, I have used up my free storage with all the movies of my kids work that we have uploaded.  I am just wondering if anyone has upgraded to the premimum membership?


  • Jo Dudley (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2013 9:24am ()

    Have found that saving ppt as videos then uploading to Teacher Tube works well. Also means you have all of your videos you may need to upload into Kidblog and/or other online sites in one place.

  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2013 9:03am ()

    similarly if you have google drive.....

  • Philippa Cowper (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2013 8:48am ()

    If you have a skydrive you can upload the powerpoints to the drive then embed them from there and they retain all the features and formating of the powerpoint.

  • Renee (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2013 8:28am ()

    Thank you Aaron - that is a great suggestion!!

    The videos I was in the process of uploading were from powerpoints so not sure if I can embed them but certainly something new for me to learn :)

  • Aaron Frost (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2013 8:19am ()

    hi Renee,

    We are also enjoying using Kidblog.  

    Another way around it is you can embed the videos.  This means that you upload the video to another site like vimeo or youtube. The copy and paste the embed code into the html tab on the post.

    Its a bit more fiddly.  

    We are still using the free version so I cant comment on what the premuim version is like.

  • Renee (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2013 10:14pm ()

    Thanks Marnel

    I should have been patient and waited for your text!!  I have only signed up for one month so might email them during the month.

  • Marnel van der Spuy (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2013 7:21pm ()

    Hi Renee

    I have to agree, Kidblog is great to use and manage.

    The same happened to me and the guys at kidblog were very helpful and increase my class' upload limit. Just contact the support@kidblog team - I'm sure they will be able to help you without you having to upgrade to the premium membership.

    Good luck and happy blogging!

    Marnel Smile

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