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Looking forward to uLearn 2013

uLearn 2013 is on its way and we are keen to see as many as possible at the 'Wading through the literacy to get to the maths!' breakout session: Breakout One on 09 Oct 2013 at 11:15 to 12:30.

Mathematics in the New Zealand curriculum is heavily intertwined with literacy. Learners need to unpack context language to identify and then solve mathematical problems. This is a challenge for learners, particularly for English language learners. Teachers often struggle to find strategies to support their learners to access the mathematics couched in word problems. The temptation is to decode the language surrounding the mathematics for the learner, so the learner can focus on just the mathematical content. However, this approach may undermine the learners’ ability to access mathematical problems as they move through to secondary school. Teachers also often struggle to provide opportunities for students to articulate their thinking and participate in mathematical communication.

We will explore how digital technologies can enhance mathematical discourse in a classroom. 21st century learning pedagogies will run through all strategies explored in this workshop with a particular focus on collaboration.  Underpinned by the Mathematics/Pangarau BES research, this workshop will focus on instructional strategies to scaffold mathematical language comprehension and communication.

Lets start the discussion now...how do you support your learners with the literacy required for maths?  What role does mathematical discussion play in your maths lesson? What are you frustrations? Challenges? Successes? 


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