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Started by Frances Nimmo 03 Sep 2013 10:02am () Replies (8)

Hi - new to blogging. When using a class blogger account, can anyone tell me the max. number of devices that can be connected to the interface at one time, please? At the moment i am having problems with lost posts when 15 students are commenting on their science work. They are saving/publishing but when we log in again, the comments they have written are not there! have just tried 'caption' and that seems to work with one posting. Any ideas? Many thanks, Frances


  • Angela Lee (View all users posts) 03 Sep 2013 2:03pm ()

    Are you trying to use iPads to comment or other mobile devices?  We've found that if you change your settings to have full page comments you can comment on these devices.  If you have it as embeded the comments seem to disappear.  To change to embeded go to settings > posts and comments .. scroll down until you see comment location, next to it change the drop down box to full page instead of embeded then save the settings.   Hope that helps. 

  • Angela Lee (View all users posts) 03 Sep 2013 2:04pm ()

    forgot to add we've also found the Chrome app will work with embeded comments but I believe it has an age restriction on it?

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