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Hapara dashboard and ipads

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Started by Leigh Hynes 02 Sep 2013 2:23pm () Replies (8)

Can you access a Hapara dashboard with ipads?


  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 03 Sep 2013 11:54am ()

    I often use GoDocs which is a paid app but somehow it seems to work better with google.  Has anyone else got a preferred app for GoogleAppsFor Education?

  • iDave (View all users posts) 03 Sep 2013 11:30am ()

    We are using Hapara with iPads and have found Google Drive seems to work the best.  Students are able to add docs to folders etc.  Full editing is not available via either the browser or Drive but the students have managed ok with Drive.  

  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 03 Sep 2013 11:21am ()

    That's awesome thanks, everyone,  just wanted to know if you could use the dashboard on an ipad for a school that has 1 to 1 ipads in class. (Students do use computers as well)

  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 03 Sep 2013 11:17am ()

    Awesome thanks, Barbara!

  • Dave Winter (View all users posts) 02 Sep 2013 4:43pm ()

    Hapara teacher dasboard use is limited on the ipad. Ios and android allow editing of docs and spreadsheets but not drawings or presentations. My understanding and experience is that  teacher dashboard works best with a chrome browser on a mac, chromebook, windows or linux laptop or desktop. Today we had students wanting to collaborate with others on a google slideshow but unable to do any editing in the mobile or desktop versions using ipads. The ipad may be better at working with alternative scaffolds such as evernote.

  • Barbara (View all users posts) 02 Sep 2013 4:29pm ()

    Hi Leigh

    I am just talking to my Hapara dashboard Account Manager and she says yes, you can access the dashboard from iPads -through any browser you have on the iPad.  The only thing that doesn't work on the iPad is the Remote Control (if the students are working on an iPad you can't see what tabs they have open).  There is an app that allows you to do this and it will be released soon.

  • Alice Keeling (View all users posts) 02 Sep 2013 4:24pm ()

    Hi, I've just started using hapara and I mostly use it off my laptop which I have mirrored onto my IWB. I have experimented with it on the ipad and I know I can log on through the google chrome app on my ipad.

    I also find it extremely useful for collating student work -  makes blog entries and school newsletters easier as I can find and access (copy and paste) student's work easily.

    I have pushed out collaborative writing documents through the smart copy feature of hapara, as part of my work on writing part of Daily 5 literacy teaching.

    Anyone else have more experiences to share? Thanks

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