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Innovative iPad integration

Started by Anne Kenneally  27 Aug 2013 4:07pm () Replies (16)

Innovative ipad integration

I am working with a school who have recently invested in a number of ipads for ever class.  Today we discussed how best to integrate the use of the ipads into classroom practice.  We have started this resource in the hope that teachers will share ideas about what is working for them right now!  There is nothing like the personal story or clip to show the potential of this device.  Please share how you use them to model, teach, learn; how you use them with individuals, groups, whole class...  Any idea will be gratefully received... We would love to see video footage of what is working for you please...

We have organised it into Year 1-3, Year 4-6 and Year 7-8.... just for ease of reference...

We would love for you to add to, use and share this resource as it grows!  

Thank you


  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 30 Aug 2013 9:23pm ()

    Hi Mohi,

    Thank you so incredibly much for sharing.  I have just read through the incredible post of your three year journey!  What an inspirational story.  I love the open reflection that will be incredibly beneficial to others who travel a similar journey. 

    I love your ideas for use of iPads and sure hope that your teachers get the opportunity to add their inspirational ideas to the growing resource.

    Thanks again.

    Anne K

  • Mohi Mete (View all users posts) 30 Aug 2013 10:22am ()

    Hi Guys,

    Thought I would throw in a couple of things you may want to think about.

    We have a 1to1 ipad program from Y5 to Y10, aprox 70 students, plus pods of iPads for Junior and Senior use. Having a method for them to share what they have done was identified as being really important so most learning spaces have either a Large LCD TV with Apple TV, or a Projector with PC running Airserver. That way any student or teacher can put what is on their iPad or Laptop onto the screen for everyone to see.

    The biggest thing we found was to get the Teachers playing with them first. So all teachers were issued with iPads and were expected to use them daily. Over about 3 months teachers became highly proficient with them. (now they are lost without themLaughing)

    All of the classes have Book Creator and this is used extensively in the Junior writing program with stories shared of course on the big screens.

    We have a teacher taking a Davis Class who uses Clicker Docs and Sentences extensively. (they are pricey apps though)

    Year 5-10 have used Evernote this year with a Paid Teacher Account setting up a shared notebook for each student who then make entries for projects as they need.

    Year 8-10 have also been using Twitter with "the boss" getting students to tweet her their reflections of the learning session. The majority of projects in Y8-10 are done digitally and emailed to, or shared with teachers.

    Will talk to some of the teachers and see if I can get them to add what they are doing in more detail.

    If you have half an hour read the boss's new blog here, tells a little about first 3 years of Te Karaka Area School.


  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2013 7:25pm ()

    Hi Anjela,

    What an awesome resource!  I think this is invaluable for everybody!  I have linked it at the start of the shared resource...


  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2013 7:22pm ()

    Oh Yay, I went to Tauranga and the Mount on my 'Twitter Tour' in 2012 but didn't make it to Papamoa.  I hear it is a very beautiful place.  One day I will make it there!

  • Shona Poppe (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2013 7:19pm ()

    Papamoa near Tauranga in the sunny Bay of Plenty ☀

  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2013 7:05pm ()

    I am sure we will meet up sometime. I am based in Mosgiel, South of Dunedin.  Where are you?

  • Shona Poppe (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2013 6:31pm ()

    Hi Anne,

    Would have liked to be at ULearn this year again, but it hasn't worked out. Hopefully next year.




  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2013 3:47pm ()

    Hi there

    I've just come across this excellent resource from Victoria State in Australia, on ipads and apps for Special Education. I've perused the document and think it is a very solid piece of work, and while it focuses on the needs of various special learning needs, its' reach is broader and worth looking at. There are lists, including rationales as to why one would use the app, its' relevance to curriculum areas, and the needs it meets under learning needs areas. Hope it is of some use.




  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2013 1:06pm ()

    Hi Katarina, thanks for your reply.  Thanks so much for sharing the power of Google Docs.  You might be interested in these other crowd sourcing docs we have on the go!  Please feel free to use, share or add to!


    http://bit.ly/14fuYHP   Encouraging blog interaction started by Anne Kenneally

    http://bit.ly/14F61oC  Making the writing programme fun started by Anne Kenneally

    http://bit.ly/1eDMEOn  Back to school ideas to share started by Anne Kenneally

    http://bit.ly/16xhKWr  Different ways to use GAFE started by Fionna Wright

    http://bit.ly/1asJEqK  Maths inspiration started by Jennie Lyall

    Anne K

  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2013 1:02pm ()

    Hi Shona,

    Thanks, what a wondrful response!  Great to see others are enjoying your blog too!  Thanks again.  Hope we meet up sometime soon.  Are you going to Ulearn?

    Anne K

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