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What can this group do for us?

As we build our local community online, we might also want to think about how this social learning platform can help with our own professional/personal inquiries and PLD needs.

1. You might be interested in Why build an online community?

2. You might be interested in how this learning group can help you?

3. You might also be interested in how the tools in this professional learning network can work for you?


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 26 Sep 2013 10:40am ()

    Hi everyone, thank you for your responses to the survey My role in blended learning in my school. You were asked, how do you think this group can help you and these were your responses:

    • Sharing and networking with others. Being able to have more than just one head problem solving 
    • Ideas and contacts 
    • Sharing knowledge and personal experiences based arounding teaching and learning with all staff and students. 
    • Provide ideas and knowledge as I am an enthusiastic novice in most e learning areas, but love the opportunity to try new things in my class and pass them onto the others. 
    • Moviemaker * iCloud services / best practise * Networking regularly with a core group * Finding similar schools who are on the same stage of the journey as we are * Class blogs * Online teacher appraisal 
    • Our journey with Google Apps. 
    • ideas to spark a fire within my staff regrading blended elearning 
    • Networking Problem sharing troubleshooting learning 
    • Exposure to new needs, wants and ideas. 
    • Give me ideas of how to implement new ideas into the school, looking at teaching and learning, security, teacher professional development. 
    • Give me confidence back. Peer support. 
    • Sharing of ideas and issues Network with those of common issues etc 
    • Networking, sharing of ideas and resources. 
    • Having conversations with others FacetoFace/Online etc. about e-Learning Sharing of Ideas 
    • i would love to have a cluster group that meets once a month Enhance my current knowledge. Would love for the Rotorua lead teachers of cluster join this group and meet regularly to exchange ideas. 
    • Networking, linking with other classes and schools at a similar stage in their journey. 
    • Build a local network. 
    • Hopefully get the answers Learn what other schools have done-what has worked, what hasn't, the best ways forward.
    • New ideas to support and drive ICT at our school 
    • To guide me through the sustainability of BeL throughout the school 
    • Sharing what they are doing in their classrooms Networking Ideas!! 
    • Sponging what is going on in other schools 
    • Inspiration - ideas for development into a blended ELearning environment 
    • sharing, ideas, time to think 
    • it would be helpful to hear some new ideas 
    • Networking.
    • Possible ideas to answer my wonderings. 
    • Any ideas are helpful at this stage 
    • Networking. Problem sharing. Idea sharing 
    • Keep building my awareness of the professional conversations that I need to be aware of to stay current. Support with ideas and problem solving to put elearning study into practice. 
    • New ideas

    What do we want?


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