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Flick-It-On! A collaborative student film making challenge

Started by Emma Watts 25 Aug 2013 7:49pm () Replies (1)

Flick-It-On! is an annual film event where students collaboratively and creatively produce a digital narrative from across many different schools.

Our Aim is to operate an enriching film school project to:

  • grow student learning through the effective use of film
  • enable students communicate their ideas through digital literacies
  • support collaborative teacher professional learning and sharing

Flick-It-On! How it works:

Different schools are grouped together to collaboratively create a movie in 3 rotations. Each school creates a silent movie based on their interpretations of a theme or concept. This silent film is “flicked on” to the next school in the rotation to add sound effects and voice over, then “flicked on” a third time to add music. In each rotation the students add credits at the end of the movie to say who has worked on that part of the project. 

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Collaborate: Connect, Learn, Participate and Create!

Collaborate: Connect, Learn, Participate and Create!

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