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Apple Configurator

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Started by redbeard45 23 Aug 2013 3:01pm () Replies (3)

People will probably already know this but for those that started using the VPP and Configurator early on, there is no longer any need to buy an additional app code as we used to have to do with the first versions of Configurator. You can now just buy the exact number of codes needed. 

I have had no joy reaching the Volume Purchasing Programme Support team on the number given 0800 7666 7666. Anyone else had difficulties? If you need to contact someone about VPP Configurator issues, you can always try emailing them at vpp@apple.com and ask them to ring back. They are VERY helpful


  • Claire (View all users posts) 23 Aug 2013 3:30pm ()

    What version of configurator do you use to no longer have to buy additional licence copies?  I was having this issue the other day.  I think I am using 1.2 at the present, but I have been reluctant to upgrade after hearing some of the horror stories through this discussion group.

    To be quite honest, I am in two minds about using apple configurator, mainly because of the trouble in removing photos off the ipads.  We have very limited wireless within our school (hopefully to change in the future).  Would it be best to just deploy apps through configurator, but not supervise the device? Would we the apps we have paid for through VPP be lost if we unsupervised our devises?

    Any advice would be much appreciated. 



  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 23 Aug 2013 7:04pm ()

    Pretty sure this is version 1.3.1 The 1.3 or was it 1.2 caused problems but there was a minor update that seemed to fix stuff. One thing I really like is when you are updating, you can click on the little triangle beside Prepare in the right hand panel and this expands what you can see (list opening a list view of files) so you can see each step of the uploading process ( (and I think there could be another triangle to open to show each App as it is loaded - must take more notice (and some screen dumps) next time. This is a huge help if you strike an issue. It is a lot clearer where the problem is.

    Photos are not a problem if you use Dropbox. I would recommend individual accounts for each class though, and some PD FIRST with staff on how to use it, and then a student session with a class/ group on how to download. You will inevitably end up with some photos in the wrong place, but nothing that is major.

    I think having a class monitor that cleans iPads up at the end of the week is an excellent idea too! - Just effective teaching really.

    Re using Configurator, my advice would be to supervise the devices and use Groups, even if all the iPads in a school are in a group - seems to lead to more success.

    Just my thoughts...

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