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Started by Melissa Grant 23 Aug 2013 1:22pm () Replies (5)

Has anyone found a useful app to use in technology? A Y4 class I am going to work in want to use the iPads to design their trolley prototypes for their upcoming derby!!! Does anyone know what might be out there? I was thinking of using google sketch but I think it might be too difficult for them. 


  • Melissa Grant (View all users posts) 22 Sep 2013 2:25pm ()

    Another great idea Catriona, thanks so much.  Good to know there is an on-line site as the kids all have different devices in many of the schools I work in.  Thanks so much, will have a look now!

  • Melissa Grant (View all users posts) 22 Sep 2013 2:24pm ()

    I love the trolley you made and I am going to share it with the kids tomorrow!  Have been so busy in schools I missed you post, apologies!!  Let's Get Inventing is an amazing way to engage the children and having an authentic audience for them must be really rewarding.  This is such a good example of how to really get kids into science and technology!  Great work Luke!!

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 22 Sep 2013 12:36pm ()

    Hi Melissa,

    Sorry for my late reply I have just seen this thread. I have been working a school where the students were using popplet to plan their terrarium designs.

    It allowed them to draw, import images, add text and link to sites they had used for reference. Simple to use and saves as a jpeg or can be emailed.

    There is an iPad app and an online site - the online version allows you to embed videos as well as invite others to collaborate on a design.

    Might suit your purpose nicely? 

  • Luke Nola (View all users posts) 10 Sep 2013 9:34am ()

    Hi Melisssa, we produce a science and technology TV show for kids 8 - 13 years on TV2 called 'Lets Get Inventing'. We've just launched an invention app and invention ideas sharing forum. Students can upload it throguh iTunes or from this link. 15 children now have patents through our show. We are here to engage young mind in science through the fun world of inventing and kids are pretty good at it! Students could use this free app to build trolley designs and think about alternative fuels to run them? Cheers Luke.


    Here's a trolley invention we made and it worked! - http://instagram.com/p/dn7fkavhQM/

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