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2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

Started by Karen Spencer 22 Aug 2013 3:36pm () Replies (350)

Planning strategically for the integration of technologies across a school community can be complex, challenging and rewarding by turns. A principal will draw on a wide variety of competencies to balance the needs of learners, staff, the community and infrastructure. Increasingly, many schools in New Zealand are turning to the e-Learning Planning Framework to help inform that process.

In this Leadership story from Enabling e-Learning's media gallery, Tony Zaloum and Mark Quigley, school leaders at Orewa College, talk about how they have juggled a number of complex dimensions as part of their e-learning planning [transcipt on the Enabling e-Learning site]:

This kōrero will unpack some of the attributes and competencies that e-learning leaders seem to have, and explore ways in which the framework can be used as a smart tool in your review and planning processes.

There will be two webinars [the second repeats the first] as part of this kōrero, which you can register for below:     Webinar 1: 11 September   |   Webinar 2: 30 October

Our key question: how can principals take an active role in their school’s strategic planning to use technologies as part of effective teaching and learning?


  • Amanda Picken (View all users posts) 04 Nov 2014 9:11pm ()

    I agree with you Andrew - as a principal you may not necessarily have to have all the knowledge and understanding of the use of technologies – but needs to be equipped to a certain degree to draw on enough understanding to be able to lead the implementation. This way other people can be empowered to support you with your vision. Other things to be considered could be:

    • Practicalities and equity issues
    • How does it link into the 5 year plan of the college – what is the sustainability of introducing new technologies?
    • How will it be phased in? (if that’s appropriate)
    • How will the learning be provided to the staff so that teachers pedagogical approaches integrate the use of technologies to enhance Learning
    • How does it fit with other PD and initiatives in the school?
    • Identify the key personnel who can lead the use of technologies?
    • Not doing a scatter gun approach – identifying the most appropriate strategies to upskill as a school whether that be google docs, online portfolios, blogs etc.
    • Modelling technological practice – wherever the principal is at. 

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e-Learning: Leadership

e-Learning: Leadership

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