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Google Doc Sharing

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Started by MeganCroll1 22 Aug 2013 8:47am () Replies (7)

Can someone help me please.   I have a Google Drive for my classroom and another for myself - both with independent gmail accounts.   Yesterday, I was logged-in to my own Google Drive, then signed out and logged-in to the class account. However, when I opened Google Drive on the class account, Google Docs from my own Google Drive were there.

On checking back with my own Google Drive, these Google Docs had not been shared.  Why then, are they showing up on the class Google Drive?


  • anne robertson (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2013 7:27pm ()

    I also tend to use Firefox for my school accounts and Chrome for my personal account. That way I can keep both active and just switch between them. However, just tried the suggestion of multiple Chrome users and it is really simple.  Thanks

  • Rob Clarke (View all users posts) 02 Sep 2013 8:23am ()

    That's what I do also - multiple users in chrome is awesome - it even syncs your bookmarks, mobile devices and passwords/etc. so it is seriously useful.


  • ShineKelly (View all users posts) 25 Aug 2013 8:00pm ()

    This is what I do too.

    Chrome for personal account and Safari for the class account.

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 22 Aug 2013 10:17am ()

    If you are worried about what is being shared check using a device that the students are using to see what they actually have access to. 

    Another option is to use Chrome as your browser as you can set up several user accounts and quickly switch between them without logging in and out. I find this extremely useful as it opens seperate windows and each "user" controls everything in that window. (eg. all of my work stuff opens in this window and links to my work passwords and logins, on the other window is my personal stuff holding those logins)

    Check out this Tutorial to see how to set up

  • Tracey Gibson (View all users posts) 22 Aug 2013 9:32am ()

    Hi there, the way that I manage this is to use seperate browsers for peronsal and work.

    That way I can be logged into both accounts at the same time.

  • Tim Gander (View all users posts) 22 Aug 2013 9:10am ()

    Hi Megan - double check that you are signed into the correct account at the top right hand of the screen - sometimes when I log out of gmail I am still logged into drive on my personal account.  Add your school account to your primary (personal) one and it will be easy to switch accounts (see image below)?  Not sure if this helps - let me know if it is still sharing your documents automatically?   


    Correct account?


    Switch accounts

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