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Why build an online community?

So, we've created this group, Leading Effective e-Learning. But why are we here? What are we trying to achieve as we build this online community together?

imageI’m certain, we all have our own online networks we use for learning - Twitter, Facebook, Ning to name a few. A network is a little different to a community of practice. The goals that you pursue within your social learning networks are more personal, you can use these to pursue your personal interests. 

Online communities of practice (OPCs) have a focus on objectives and results that are shared within the community itself - preferably defined and refined through discussions with community members.

If we start by agreeing that we're here to build a community (both face to face and online) focused on growing e-leadership to impact and improve outcomes for priority learners, then we’ll also need to agree to have more discussions about how this blended learning community can meet our individual and collective needs.

Here’s a powerful video from Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Establishing a professional learning communitywhere she defines this as, a group of individuals coming together, to construct co-created content in a co-created community - where the tone evolves over time with key roles established, in the pursuit of organic, purposeful, healthy and productive conversations about learning online.

As each region meets face to face, it is likely conversations will be explored further - to help build common understandings about online professional learning communities.

We can also explore this more online.

So, tell us what you think...what do YOU want from this online community?

  • What are some assumptions for working this way?
  • What are our norms going to be?
  • What kinds of activity would you expect or like to see?
  • How would you get the most out of belonging to this group?
  • How will you get involved to debate, discuss, share, collaborate, co-construct, mentor and build new knowledge?
We'd love to hear some initial thoughts. Smile Please feel free to add your comments below.

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