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Chromebook Purchasing

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Started by Allanah King 20 Aug 2013 9:46pm () Replies (2)

Hi All,

There is a small Chromebook group on the VLN with only a few members and I have a couple of questions from there that I don't know how to answer and no one in the Chromebook group has answered either. 

I wonder if someone here can help and I will put the answer in the Chromebook group as well.


We are just investigating the purchase of devices. So far I have had recommendations to puchase from Norcom or Cyclone as Google approved suppliers. From what I can gather, this is for best compatibility with school networks and the management console. Have also been advised to pay the $30 per device for the management console.

I also wondered if anyone had experience of using AOG (all of government contracts) for purchasing through MOE endorsed suppliers. I had heard that this can mean a cheaper purchase price? Any experience or clarification on these points appreciated. Thanks


  • Tim Gander (View all users posts) 20 Aug 2013 10:03pm ()

    Hi Allanah - I used Norcom and they have been brilliant from the start of the process and are still giving support now through email and phone calls.  The management console is essential if you are running more than a small number - it allows real customisation of the devices for different groups/classes - as well as control over network settings etc.  I'm afraid I can't help you with the AOG part as I'm not in charge of the funding at our school - if I was we'd have hundreds of them!!  Better join the chromebook group - thanks!

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