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Help for senior Mathematics??

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Started by Leigh Hynes 20 Aug 2013 8:37am () Replies (3)

Hi I am trying to get the ball rolling for a teacher of senior Mathematics who is looking for possibilities for using ICTs to support the learning in his senior mathematics classes (NCEA Levels 2 and 3) .  Would anyone be able to give examples to him of how this can done with senior mathematics as he tells me that software for senior mathematics is very expensive.


  • Ben Hilliam (View all users posts) 20 Aug 2013 1:19pm ()

    Hi Leigh,

    Joining this network might be a good idea for him to start with. We have some threads already discussing some applications for Senior Mathematics. Some basic tools to start with might be wolframalpha.com a website with an intuitive mathematical input interface that gives step by step solutions to difficult problems. khanacademy.org also covers all of the material taught at those levels. As a teacher he would need to filter our what is useful for his students. 

    Another tool I use which my year 13 students in particular appreciate is my blogger site, combined with the use of my iPad as a sort of interactive whiteboard/lesson recorder. Here it is if he wants a look http://mrhmaths.blogspot.co.nz/p/about.html. My A2 Maths page would be of particular interest since this is my year 13 class.

    Hope some of this helps,


  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2013 12:07pm ()

    Awesome thank you, Ben, will pass on to him, and get him to join this group.  I also had an email from Eddie Reisch today which could be useful, as follows:

    Hi Guys

    Here is something you might want to consider for your students http://brilliant.org


    Most of the world's most high aptitude students are not privileged with the resources and opportunities necessary to reach their full potential. Brilliant.org provides a challenging intellectual environment to anyone with internet access and a passion for mathematics or physics. Brilliant.org aims to become a hub of the world's most promising minds, where motivated thinkers can connect to each other and to opportunities to apply their talents.

    Our weekly olympiad-style challenges offer rigorous, competitive, whimsical, and edifying problem sets in math and physics. We hope that the extracurricular flavor of these questions will allow many people to discover problem solving in a new light.

    We welcome thinkers of all types and ages to create an account and join our community of problem solvers. To learn more about Brilliant's mission, watch CEO Sue Khim's TEDx talk.

    Eddie Reisch
    Director - 
    Reisch Consulting Ltd

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