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N4L managed network | Updates

The latest Enabling e-Learning newsletter announced,

The Network for Learning update

On 2 August 2013, the Minister of Education and Associate Minister of Education made announcements on the managed network and portal services that Network for Learning is developing for schools. The Crown-owned company, Network for Learning (N4L), has signed a contract with Telecom to provide a managed network for all New Zealand schools.

The first schools are expected to be connected by the end of 2013, with more than 700 schools connecting by the end of 2014. All schools will be able to connect to the managed network by the end of 2016 when all schools will have access to fibre and upgraded internal IT networks.


I was also excited to read in the Network for Learning page,

The N4L portal will establish an online community for teachers, students and education professionals. The portal will provide schools with a safe, collaborative environment where trusted educational content and services are discovered and new knowledge shared.

The portal will be available for all schools in early 2014. Schools will not need to be connected to the N4L’s managed network to be able to access the portal.


Want to know more? Then register your school's interest @ http://www.n4l.co.nz/where you'll be updated about the network's services and progress.

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