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Elearning tools for 5 year olds

Started by Susan Lindsey 18 Aug 2013 9:35pm () Replies (6)

Could teachers please share what elearning tools they are using in their Year 0/1 classrooms. It would be great to hear how they manage these tools in their rooms when most of the children are still at the pre-reading stage. 


  • Keryn Wilson (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 10:10pm ()

    Hi there

    One thing I used a lot last year with my 5 year olds was the camera on the iPad to capture learning. My class only had one iPad, but I used it with a reading group each day to collect examples of words that contained the 'sound of the day' (for their spelling work). These were manipulated by the kids (each child was responsible for collecting one image) onto a PicCollage and then I would grab it and put in the text section (the sound - for example 'These words all have the 'ch' sound'). Then I'd dump it on our class blog for them and their families to see. There's examples under this link. 


    The children also loved taking photos of their towers, words they would write, pictures they drew on the whiteboard, etc. 

    I used Show Me on the iPad, too, to create some little shows for letter formation/handwriting reinforcement during reading time. A little group would gather around and copy the letters onto whiteboards. The show recorded my voice so I could prompt them to use the correct shapes while it showed them how to for the letters. I found it good for reinforcement, something a bit different, too. I didn't have to be there - I was taking another reading group at the time, actually!

    I was amazed how quickly these little dots picked up using this tool - we only had the one iPad (for 17 students) but they all were engaged in using it not to play games, but to capture/show their learning in a different way. In terms of how to manage it, I showed them how to use the camera to grab the PIcCollage images once as a class. There were a couple of kids that got it first time so they could help any groups that got into difficulty, but to be fair, they all managed it quite well. 

    Hope this helps.


  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2014 10:18pm ()

    These ideas are great keryn i will def use some of these over the next few weeks.  I did lots with ipads when I had Year 2/3 so trying to do the same with 5 year olds has had to have different spin.  They love the apps and we use reading eggs daily during rotation but I love the idea of show me for letter formation.  I have some who could use this everyday.


  • PaulaJayne Roberts (View all users posts) 21 Apr 2014 3:49pm ()

    Great ideas. I have been trying to get my head around using the ipad not just for games/practise, but as a learning tool. I just need to let go of the idea that I need to be there to supervise all the time.

  • Tracey Matthews (View all users posts) 23 Dec 2014 1:04pm ()

    I used Pic Collage a lot with my Year 1's in maths, reading, writing and presenting information.  Even my special needs children were able to pick this up and teach other  children what to do.  I have used it individually and also within small groups where they have to work together to produce a piece of work.  Another app I used a lot was Fotobabble.  I used this as a way for my less able writers to record their story using their voice as they would take a photo after planing and attempting to write and then record what they had wanted to write.  Also a good way to work on fluency when reading as I get the children to pick a page take a photo and then record themselves reading that page or a couple of pages, also to retell a story in sequence or do a book review.  It can then easily be put on our blog to be shared with parents and family.  Both very simple and easy apps for children to use independently once they have been shown the basics.  I just got my kids to bring the iPads back to me so I could email the work back to me to make it easier to put on our class blog. I have plans to use Fotobabble within the first week of school next year with my new entrant children as a way of them introducing themselves and putting them up on our class blog. 

  • Angelee Jarrett (View all users posts) 28 Dec 2014 11:26am ()

    A few more to add to the toolbox...

    Educreations - I have used this is multiple ways including reflecting upon artwork and planning a design for our fence mural. The children take a photo and can annotate using the drawing features as well as voice over.  It is fantastic!  There is another app called Explain Everything that does the same sort of things except it is a bit more pricey!  

    Popplet - easy app for the younger learners to use as well.  It is a mind-mapping tool... have a go and let me know what you think.  The uses are endless.

    Cannot wait to try out Fotobabble!  

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