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e-Learning tools for 5 year olds?

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Started by Marnel van der Spuy 18 Aug 2013 6:56pm () Replies (7)

I am really interested in a classroom that promotes e-Learning and am using e-Learning tools to enable and transform learning.

Which e-Learning tools can you think of to use with our 5 year olds and why would you choose that specific tool with your students?


  • Marnel van der Spuy (View all users posts) 19 Aug 2013 11:12pm ()

    Kia ora Catriona

    Thank you for your question.

    I am interested in all e-Learning tools (online, iPod, iPad) that will/can capture student learning (tools that 5 year olds can use independently), as well as ones I can use within my Formative Assessment Practices.


  • Marnel van der Spuy (View all users posts) 19 Aug 2013 11:29pm ()

    Hi Fiona

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on vocaroo. I know about it, but have never used it with my 5 year olds. I like your idea of using it to record your students thinking!

    Have you tried Fotobabble? It's a cute, fun way to share and it allows students to create and share Talking Photos in three simple steps: 1) Upload a photo; 2) Record your voice; 3) Share (post on a blog).

  • Marnel van der Spuy (View all users posts) 20 Aug 2013 8:20pm ()

    Kia ora Catriona,

    Wow, I like the potential of this! Thank you so much for sharing. Smile

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