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Preparing for Rakiura/Stewart Island

LEARNZ takes you to some pretty awesome locations around Aotearoa, but I am especially looking forward to getting to Rakiura/Stewart Island. "Don't leave town 'till you've seen the country". I wonder if some of you are the same as me - i.e. know more about other parts of the world than I do New Zealand's 'third island'. It has been fascinating researching for this field trip and I am sure you and your students will become as equally enthralled about this relatively small island that is home to New Zealand's newest national park and one of our nine great walks. It has also been rather complicated as I work to bring in the curriculum areas of science, social science, and health and physical education. There is certainly a lot to fit into three days and with Ruud "The Bugman" Kleinpaste on board, there are sure to be many "off the beaten track" pathways that open up!

So I'd be really interested to find out how you are planning to use the field trip in your classrooms. Knowing this will also help me tailor the field trip to suit your needs. What curriculum area(s) in particular are you focussing on with the trip? Is the field trip part of a wider term focus and if so what is that focus? Are there any questions, comments, contributions you have regarding the field trip?

Your responses would be very welcome.Cool



  • Caroline (View all users posts) 14 Aug 2013 11:25am ()

    Hi Andrew, we are looking at: human impact, ecology vs human interest/economic development, possum/deer eradication/1080 drops, hunters coming from all over NZ Australia to hunt whitetail, their impacts both + and - on the island plus the economic advantages they bring in. History of island including old milling operations/mutton birding. Numbers of trampers on both Rakura track and the North West circuit and their impact. (Chris who I team teach with goes there on hunting trips so he will be a good resource)


  • Andrew Penny (View all users posts) 14 Aug 2013 1:28pm ()

    Hi Caroline. Some meaty content for your kids to sink their teeth into for sure! We will definitely be covering many of those topics in the videos and audioconferences. I would recommend you book into an audioconference when you have access to the timetable (available when the site goes live - aiming for Monday 23 September just before the end of term 3). Ecology Vs. economy is a really interesting angle to focus on. Stewart Island/Rakiura is so strong ecologically, yet tourism plays a huge part economically. It is a very interesting relationship to try and balance. Laughing

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