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Reading eBooks

Started by Lyn Ross 11 Aug 2013 3:29pm () Replies (20)
A couple of teachers have asked me about ebooks recently - particularly those suitable for junior students. They need to have an audio book function, so the students can listen to the book being read to them while also reading along.  Can anyone help with the following:
  1. A list of good eBooks - the ebooks you have on your school's junior class iPads (the ones that are there all the time.)
  2. Are your students able to hire eBooks? What app & where from etc? (this question applies to any level of the school)
  3. Any other tips for ebooks (e.g. organisation, good websites, classroom practice etc)
Any and all discussion around using eBooks in the classroom would be useful and appreciated!


  • Lyn Ross (View all users posts) 12 Aug 2013 9:24am ()

    Thanks Leigh - yes I did know this, but I find it tricky to use and a bit frustrating.  I could need a hands-on lesson!

  • Lyn Ross (View all users posts) 12 Aug 2013 9:35am ()

    Hi Mary-Anne, You gave me lots of things to look at.  Thanks!

    When I opened & tried to join Oxford Owl a message said "Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer the Oxford Owl eBooks in your country" - a shame because the books look lovely.

  • Lyn Ross (View all users posts) 12 Aug 2013 9:41am ()

    Thanks Allanah - this selection will get them started.

  • Lyn Ross (View all users posts) 12 Aug 2013 9:52am ()

    Thanks for your input everyone.  The teachers specifically want iPad ebooks - mainly for students who are not read to at home.  There are so many ebooks out there and it's hard to know the good ones.  You've shared lots of good ideas though and I'll pass them on.

    Another idea is to take photos of book pages and record the story using Educreations. Teachers and students can create their own ebooks for others to read. They wouldn't have the 'finish' of a commercial ebook though. 

  • Lyn Ross (View all users posts) 12 Aug 2013 11:22am ()

    Thanks Esther.  There's lots to look at here - and the free lite versions means they can take a look and then decide if they want to purchase the full ebook. Neat! I'm downloading Hairy Maclary as I type!  

  • Lyn Ross (View all users posts) 12 Aug 2013 12:59pm ()

    As part of my mini investigation into ebooks in schools, I have also been emailing James Rea who is the DP at Russell Street School in Palmerston North.  I knew that their library issued ebooks and I was interested in finding out how this was organised and what it looked like.  Information below is from the school library blog:
    'Borrowers can have 1 eBook at a time, on loan for a week. At the end of the loan your eBook will be automatically returned, (your eReader software will let you return books early – check your software’s help info for instructions).

    To borrow an eBook, you will need to have  to log in to the ePlatform. Ask your teacher for your membership number and password. For laptops you will need to download adobe digital editions and for ipads and ipads you will need Bluefire reader. Both are free applications.'

    James also directed me to 2 videos which explain (to students) how to doanload and return ebooks.

    I'm sure that this a growth area for the school.  Interesting, eh?
  • Lyn Ross (View all users posts) 13 Aug 2013 6:22pm ()

    Thank you Lisa ... all our schools need to be up with the play! I can feel an ebook crusade coming on!

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