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Reflections on Guided Reading with UDL (Linda Ojala)

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Started by linda Ojala 09 Aug 2013 11:22am () Replies (2)

reading 2During the week I have been thinking about a specific group of readers I have in thclass, they are one of my target groups.   What is working for them but also what changes could be helpful.  

I've created a chart of my thinking - considering new thoughts around UDL.

Knowing your learner

Chrissie and I have been talking alot around "knowing your learner", what are their interests and passions and how do I deliberately incorporate these into their learning.  It's not really captured on the chart below but  I  really try to hook reading by choosing  texts that  align to their interests. 

Just continuing to have the conversation continues to open up self reflection. I have groups into Star Wars, Sports and rock collecting (just to name a few). Knowing this, what then are some ways I can weave this into our learning.


I'm really keen to hear about others experiences. Has this post sparked any thoughts?

reading UDL

Link to view chart in Google Doc

Example of Reading Bookmark 

Transcript for Diagram


Developing reading processing strategies

  1. attending and searching
  2. cross checking and confirming

Who are my students

  • work best with teacher support
  • enjoy small group work and will contribute
  • can talk about their learning steps
  • will support each other
  • work best with  visual support
  • work well when given limted number of choices

What can they do

  • when supported can use reading strategies with basic text
  • can talk about what they have read
  • understand key messages in text

When they are with me

  • texts at their level
  • use a reading strategy poster for support
  • hard copies of the text
  • clear purpose of lesson shared and recorded
  • teacher modelling

New thoughts considering UDL

  1. Engagement
  2. Different ways that learning can be presented
  3. Expression - Giving alternatives for expressing and demonstrating what they know
  • Send home reading strategy poster as bookmark. Take a photo or video of them using this at school to share with family
  • Make available more digital books. Sunshine on line, story time for me
  • Target use of Ipad. Use apps that support learning 
  • Use Ipads to record own reading
  • Engagement with choice of text and use of technology


  • Patrick Pink (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2013 11:56am ()


    Thank you, Linda for sharing your journey and having the courage to ask questions and delve deeper into your practice.  The graphic above is from a website called Numeracy in the News:  Developing Critical Numeracy Across the Curriculum  from Tasmania.  

    The webpage is about the development of thinking skills.  I particularly like the idea of making thinking visible.  You have shown us through your stories and your visual graphics how you are thinking about your practice.  

    As another aspect of 'knowing the learner' I believe it is hugely important to share with our students how we learn.  Sharing the process of:

    • thinking, 
    • comparing and contrasting on different strategies that different learners use, 
    • providing vocabulary and terminology about thinking, 
    • asking open-ended questions, 
    • fostering deeper thinking such as analysing

    Problem-solving can be incorporated in all areas of learning (reading, maths, and so on) and help model to everyone in the classroom how to be self-reflective.    

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