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FORUM: How are you using technologies to both report to parents and encourage them to engage with their students learning?

The advent of the school interviews site has allowed for parents to take control of setting their own interview times and has freed up teachers and admin staff to get on with other tasks. It is an efficient, time saving tool that puts the control firmly back into the hands of the parents and allows teachers to easily see who is attending and follow up with those who are missing.

What other tools are teachers and schools using to streamline their reporting processes?

Are you using google docs or learning management systems to share information instead of a traditional paper report?

Do your students share their progress through blogs or other online sites?

Mission Heights School reports online to parents using moodles on open source software (Linux and OpenOffice). More on TKI.

Waiuku Primary SchoolWillowbank School, and many others, are using facebook and twitter to engage with their parent community.

Rachel Boyd: Building community relationships with social media from EDtalks on Vimeo.


How are you using technologies to report to parents and to encourage them to engage with their students learning?

Share your ideas and experiences with us in this FORUM.


  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2013 1:04pm ()

    What a great question!  

    I have used such a range of technologies but I think the crucial thing is face to face time with the families to make sure they are aware of their learners journey and aware of the HUGELY important role they play in the journey.  I run sessions where the learners showcase their blog and actively teach their extended families how to add comments to get conversations going.  Once the families develop an awareness of the online learning environments then it is easier to maintain the momentum. 

    We place notes to families in the blog or wiki as well as regularly survey families using embeded google forms. We encourage learners to share blog posts wide and far with extended family.  We share a sample of work on the blog and encourage families to come into class to see more.  We regular hold shared lunches and celebrations of learning to get the families in and seeing the online learning environment in action. 

    For reporting the learners are responsible for compiling their own goals and progress and evidence of success.  They then run the session with their families with my support if needed. 

    We have regular digital citizen sessions to learn from our inevitable 'mistakes' and discuss how to create a positive digital footprint.  

    Extended families are subscribed to the blogs so they get updates automatically.  Careful labelling of blog posts enables parents to easily view their learners journey. 

    I think blogs, wikis, google sites and email are helping us to keep in contact with our learners, extneded families and supporting the development of learning portfolios and sharing learning journeys. 

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