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iPad app to replace black teacher folder (primary school)?

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Started by Monika Kern 07 Aug 2013 12:45pm () Replies (31)

Hello all,

one of my teachers would like to replace her black planning folder with an iPad app. She is looking for something that has the year view and individual days and lets her edit both - e.g. mark weeks of the term on the year view ("book week" or "camp" etc.) and put her daily planning into the day view. I hope this makes sense! She has looked around and not found anything suitable yet - any primary teacher out there who has sucessfully replaced their black folder? My teacher is happy to pay for the app but it's better to know beforehand if its worth it.

Many thanks in advance!


  • Claire Howison (View all users posts) 07 Aug 2013 4:12pm ()

    I do all I need to do with googledocs. I created a weekly plan in a spreadsheet and then duplicate and change it each week. I through in a Term over view as well. I have 3 sheets per week; my weekly overview, literacy plan and maths plan. I no longer print anything but view, add comments and edit in google drive on my ipad when teacher. May main planning I complete on my laptop but use both tools to view and edit. It works very well for me.

  • Claire Howison (View all users posts) 07 Aug 2013 4:43pm ()

    Hi Josie

    I use a spreadsheet rather than a word doc as it enables me to add tabs for the weeks along the bottom. I can edit it fine in google drive on my ipad. I think it looks pretty ( I am a neat freak too). I colour code my boxes and have reading and maths templates I am really ahppy with as additional tabs along the bottom.

  • Claire Howison (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2013 11:15am ()

    I have copied and pasted some templates used for planning over the years and published it for you to look at. The link is


    Of course it looks a little different in googledocs with the tabs along the bottom just like a regualr excel spreadsheet. It is very easy to modify, create and use.

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