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School network support - who maintains your ICT network?

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Started by Rebecca Ronald 01 Aug 2013 8:47pm () Replies (12)

Hi all,

I'm wondering whether you use an external organisation for ICT network support at your school, what company you use, and what level of support they provide? I'm looking investigating options for a network upgrade at my current school.



  • Rebecca Ronald (View all users posts) 23 Oct 2016 7:06pm ()

    Since I first posted on this thread 3 years ago we have been with two providers - one was a small company and although the price was good, they weren't up to supporting our network the way we needed - we were  often waiting a long time to have simple issues resolved and their staff were inexperienced. For the past two years we've been with New Era and I'm very happy with them - we pay a lot but get good support and a knowledgeable team. The onsite tech is with us full-time (we have 750 students) and keeps up with most tasks. My only complaint is that they gave us a relatively inexperienced technician which meant that sometimes we needed to run around in circles explaining issues that a more experienced tech would have recognised immediately - he was backed up by a more experienced team leader offsite but he always tried to fix things himself first, leading to a time delay. Their staff turnover seems to be quite high. 

    But - overall - we're very happy with them.

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