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School network support - who maintains your ICT network?

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Started by Rebecca Ronald 01 Aug 2013 8:47pm () Replies (12)

Hi all,

I'm wondering whether you use an external organisation for ICT network support at your school, what company you use, and what level of support they provide? I'm looking investigating options for a network upgrade at my current school.



  • Peter Eaton (View all users posts) 02 Aug 2013 7:31pm ()


    $60-$80 seems to be the usual hourly rate. (We are in the wrong job.)


    Just regarding this: I used to (and still do from time to time) work in the ICT industry.

    $60/hr is about the same as you pay for a plumber to change the washer in a tap at your school, an electrician to replace a fluorescent tube, or your qualified mechanic to change your oil.   You are contracting a company and not paying an individual.

    In ICT, it may get you someone suitably proficient to resolving day to day issues, but this is not the same as someone qualified and experienced enough to advise you on things more complicated like network architecture design.  When making larger ICT decisions or changes, you will likely need to spend more than this to get someone suitable.  You need to think about how large (maybe in dollar terms) and how important (e.g risk) the project is to help you to decide an appropriate cost.

    The best balance is to find someone you trust to take your $60/hr and do the things they can do and know better than you (this is really important for schools to understand - these people can do things way faster than even 'techie' teachers and free them to focus on the stuff they are good at: teaching), who is then prepared to say when you should pay someone else $180/hr when they are the appropriate person for the job.

    My 2c.  (That's my charge out rate in edu normally)


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