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Ipad. a mac and drop box

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Started by Ceri de Boo 31 Jul 2013 8:33pm () Replies (3)

I am new to this and would love some advise please,

I have some students using bookcreator on the ipad, as this is a project over several weeks and the ipads are used by many studetns I want somewhere to store a copy of their work in case it gets deleted. I have been told that drop box could be an option - how does this work?

Also the students tried to email me a copy of their ibook creator publication but it didn't come through to my email - am presuimng that it is an unsupported format for a laptop? but the same happened when they emailed it as a pdf, so not sure what is happening there...

Thank you


  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 01 Aug 2013 9:51am ()

    Contact me off topic Ceri and I'll give you what help I can.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 31 Jul 2013 9:30pm ()

    Hi there

    I've used Book Creator quite a bit, and am exploring work flows to share books. Backing up books in progress is a good idea.

    The email issue is probably related to the setup of your iPads - check the configuration of your email, and try sending something simple. Or it might be an issue with File Size (perhaps your mail setup at school doesn't allow larger than 5MB files to be emailed), in which case you need to share them via Dropbox, and download them onto your computer that way. I did have a problem emailing ePubs through a SMART network setup - so check whether that may be your issue (something to do with the proxy).

    The newer version of Book Creator lets you import Book Creator books you've made on other iPads, and assemble them on one iPad - quite handy - I've tried it once.

    Good luck!

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