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ipad spelling apps for yr 2/3

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Started by Michele 22 Jul 2013 1:06pm () Replies (3)

Hi - I was wanting to know some good spelling apps for the ipad to challenge my more able spellers in year 1 -3 who have a spelling age of 10.5 and above.

thanks in anticipation


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 22 Jul 2013 1:19pm ()

    I would have the students be creative with their spelling and make up their own spelling lists by using the apps I listed here


    Then you know they actually know what the words mean rather than just learning lists of random words because they have a spelling age of 10.5 and above.

    And I also wonder if they actually need to learn to spell- a year one child with a spelling age of 10.5 or above has probably got 'how to spell' and I would move on to other things for them to learn.

  • Mary-Anne Murphy (View all users posts) 22 Jul 2013 5:43pm ()

    Another approach for these more able spellers connnects with Marie Clay's "Biks and Gutches" (administered in the 6 year nett).

    Within this approach, students could create their own nonsensical words/stories using spelling patterns and rules. As an extra challenge they could create these in growing complexity in terms of spelling rule progressions.

    Have a look for Biks and Gutches within your school for an example:

    Biks and Gutches


    Also here are a couple of links to spelling rule sites:


    Personally though, I would ask the students to inquire into what rules they already know both individually and collectively, then pool and record these (google doc?) to have an agreed set of (levelled) rules to use  for their own non-sensical "stories". These stories could then be used by their peers for their own work on spelling-rule recognition.

    The premise behind this thinking is students are using their current understandings to create new knowledge, as well as it being founded in literacy morphology; rather than the possible restrictions of an App. It also provides students with a purpose and audience for their learning.

    Happy to chat further 1:1 around this approach is you wish.

    National Blended eLearning Literacy Facilitator. 

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