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1 ipad - 25 year 6/7/8 students

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Started by Buffy T 20 Jul 2013 7:39pm () Replies (12)


I have 1 ipad in my class of 25 6/7/8 students.  Can anyone please offer me some advice on how to use this single device effectively in class?  I have a mimio board/laptop and data projector.  I really want to make use of these devices in meaningful ways.

Any advice would be appreciated,



  • Buffy T (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2013 8:04pm ()

    Thanks for your advice.  I will look at what I want specific students to develop and then go from there.  Am about to check out your blog.

    Tahnsk a bunch


  • Buffy T (View all users posts) 20 Jul 2013 9:03pm ()

    Hi Catriona,

    Thank you for these links to resources.  It is overwhelming with so much info to make sense of and I am not sure where to start so I can use this one device effectively with my learners.  Thanks again for these great links and info.

    A quick question,

    How has your experience of 1 ipad in a class been as far?  Has it improved student learning or affected your classroom positively/negatively in regards to student motivation and engagement?

    Much appreciated,


  • Buffy T (View all users posts) 23 Jul 2013 12:07pm ()

    Thanks for sharing that.  A set up like this would be great.  I'd love to hear what set up you use.  This set up sounds great to increase the number of students that can use the ipad at one time.

  • Buffy T (View all users posts) 23 Jul 2013 12:09pm ()

    Is this cable so you can mirror what is on the ipad?  What is the name of the cable you have?

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