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Started by Lorraine Vickery 08 Jul 2013 7:17pm () Replies (10)

A parent approached me today to ask me about tablets assisting her son who has dyslexia.

Questions: Is one tablet more approriate than another and why?

Any good Apps out there that support students with dyslexia?

Thanks for your help.




  • Leanne Stubbing (View all users posts) 08 Jul 2013 7:46pm ()

    I have come across this iPad app called App Writer which is a good assistive technology writing app which has the dyslexie font and also allows word prediction and auditory feedback much like WordQ.  I haven't used appwriter but I do highly recommend WordQ for struggling writers.


  • Jayne Bolsover (View all users posts) 08 Jul 2013 8:52pm ()

    HI Lorraine

    We are working with a programme called the Learning Staircase programme.  We have had great results.  It is not yet available as an app but it is a fabulous programme.  We are running a workshop for the programme in the holidays on 25th and 26th July at Te Puru School on the Thames Coast.  


    the Learning Staircase

    Training Courses

    The course will include:

    • Background theory including how literacy develops and what causes learners

    to struggle

    • Understanding the processing/perceptual skills involved in literacy (The Big Five)

    • How reading strategies change and develop as the learner progresses

    • Neurological aspects, including how the brain ‘reads’ and what goes wrong with

    • learners with processing difficulties

    • Catering for dyslexic learners and the ‘reading ladder’

    • Understanding the Steps program (structure, levels, different applications)

    • Methodology, including integrating written and computer activities effectively

    • Understanding the Wordrace system

    • Analysis of the skills and knowledge involved in reading and spelling

    • Developing processing/perceptual skills using a variety of hands-on

    games/activities and appropriate software

    Te Puru School, Te Puru, Thames

    Stage 1 25th July

    Stage 2 26th July

    (lunch & refreshments provided)

    where & When?

    what’s in the course?

    $120.00 per day NOTE: SPECIAL DEAL - $200 for two days

    RT LB's: $90.00 per day how much?

    who’s facilitating?



    Our presenter, Ros Lugg, is one of the leading NZ experts

    in remedial literacy and dyslexia. She is an experienced

    conference speaker and professional development trainer.

    More information @ www.learningstaircase.co.nz

    Te Puru School looks forward to

    welcoming you!

    To book your place, contact Jayne Bolsover: 07 868 2747 or 027 827 1050

    or complete the attached booking form & email to: j.bolsover@tepuru.school.nz

    Please notify Jayne of any dietary requirements when you book.

    Already recognised as

    one of the leading literacy

    programmes in the world.

    Structured, multi-sensory and

    highly effective.

    Caters for all your


    For teachers, RT LB’s, teacher

    aides or tutors who are using

    or interested in using the Steps

    to Literacy and/or First Steps

    remedial literacy courses.

    Note: Parents are welcome to

    attend this course, but need to

    understand that it is designed

    primarily for teaching staff.

    for whom?

    ‘Our target children are the children who have a spelling age of 2 years or more below their chronological age.

    We have 23 children on The Learning Staircase programme. Our results are showing great progress:

    Student Term 1 - Feb Term 1 - April

    Spelling Test 1 Spelling Test 2

     A 6.0yrs 6.8yrs

    B 6.8yrs 7.7yrs

    C 6.6yrs 7.3yrs

    These are the children who have consistently struggled to make progress as they have moved through school. Many of the

    students are part of the Government target groups highlighted by ERO. The children enjoy the programme and have fun while

    they are learning. We have noticed an increase in their self-confidence and their belief that they can do it. This is a tailored

    programme for children who learn in their own unique way.

    We can’t wait for Term 2 and the chance to do the Stage 2 Workshop with Ros!’



  • Alison Menary (View all users posts) 08 Jul 2013 9:29pm ()

    We are having amazing success with the app iReadWrite on an iPad. Our dyslexic kids are just loving it. It is similar to WordQ but much better! 


  • pmac (View all users posts) 09 Jul 2013 8:49am ()

    I usually recommend the iPad to parents if they want to purchase a tablet (laptops are better for some students). 

    I like the following APPS for dyslexic secondary school students:

    NotesPlus - great for putting photos (eg. of notes on the board) & audio files (teacher instructions) in a document as well as typing & hand writing notes & diagrams

    Inspiration - mind mapping for note taking, revision or essay planning

    iReadWrite - predictive text when write as well as reads out anything you copy/paste into it

    audible.com - to purchase audio books of English texts

    I also teach them to use the Calendar and Reminders apps supplied with the iPad.


  • Mary-Anne (View all users posts) 11 Jul 2013 3:08pm ()


    Thanks for your helpful apps for ipad.  I have a 12 year old student with dyslexia who is using a mac laptop.  Do you or anyone else know of a good tool to help with spelling and writing?  I use iwordq for ipads and windows computers, but the word q for mac is expensive so I'm trying to find a good alternative for him.





  • Warren Grieve (View all users posts) 12 Jul 2013 11:18am ()

    Don't forget to install the dyslexia font and if using chrome the dyslexia font extension on a mac. Also use the text to speech feature which my four dyslexic students use a lot. I have been using places like Spelling City a lot also. SpellTrekking on an iPad is great.

  • Lara Moss (View all users posts) 11 Jul 2013 5:13pm ()

    Which wordQ is best for NZ? CA, US OR UK?



  • Gayle Hunt (View all users posts) 11 Jul 2013 9:02pm ()

    I use Word Q that uses UK spelling and voice. The students are able to undrest and the English accent a lot better than US? Have had no problems with it.

  • Ruth Soper (View all users posts) 12 Jul 2013 8:33am ()

    Agree with Leanne re App Writer.  Also http://www.nzcersmartwriter.org.nz/ is an excellent writing program for any student with a plan provided for the student to improve even without you as a teacher (you can have as much input as you want).  Students get immediate feedback from submitting their writing.  Costs can be negotiated but "In the event you choose to purchase NZCER Smart Writer after the trial period we can arrange for any trial data to be retained. Student licenses cost $50/student inc GST for a 12 month subscription with unlimited access to all NZCER Smart Writer content. For purchases of 30 or more Student licenses the 12 month subscription cost is $30.00 inc GST. An administrator/teacher license is included with any purchase."  

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